Saturday, June 23, 2007

Making a House a Home

Today I entered a blogiversary drawing on a new blog Making a House a Home, among other things she is giving away a 2 year subscription to Victoria magazine. Did you know this beautiful magazine is coming back into print. Many of us were sad when it went out of print a few years back...what were they thinking? If you have not seen it, yes it does have an Victorian influence and style, but is mostly about living in beauty and enjoying beautiful things...not in a consumerism way though. Making a House a Home is a beautiful blog with lots of great inspiration. Please go check her out.

Have you noticed the increase in homemaking and housekeeping blogs lately? I especially enjoy the Christian ones because that is what I relate to. However I have seen several for non-Christians as well. I know this will be a controversial statement but I think many of us in my generation and the girls/women between my generation and the next are beginning to see that a lot of liberal feminism is not all it is cracked up to be. Unfortunately I think society has become crazy with a focus on money which is pushing many women to work when they don't want to.

I can not judge another's heart, so if you are a working woman by choice or necessity, I am not writing to hurt you. But if you are a stay at home Mom by not be ashamed. My greatest struggles have come from the judgment that I feel from women who question my choices of faith, family, schooling and being at home. Why do we wound our sisters? On the flip side, I think it's equally important for women who stay at home not to throw flaming arrows at their sisters who make other choices. Having a definite opinion is one thing, sharing it is okay, but condemning others morality for working outside the home is not loving our neighbor as ourself.

Ladies...if you need some encouragement in your home there are a lot of Mom sites out there and there are many homemaking sites. Here are just a few to start off with...there's no human way to list them all! I don't always agree 100% with all of them, but I have chosen to glean the best from several different sites. Below I will list a few I enjoy on a semi-regular basis (nothing much in my life is regular! LOL) as I try to make my own house more of a HOME!

Women's Ministry and Faithful Voices
Fruitful Words
Beloved Children's Chronicles
Prairie Mom
Biblical Womanhood
Journaling Back To Joy
Heart Threads
Serenity Farms
Lisa Whelchel
Girl Talk

Christian Homemaking
The Sparrow's Nest
Making A House A Home
With the Fruit of Her Hands
The Family Homestead
Pleasant View School House
A Gracious Home
Eyes of Wonder

Beautiful Blogs
Gracious Hospitality
Turkey Feathers

Tammy's Recipes Blog

Creative Inspiration
Stitches of Violet
Yarn Storm
Real Women Scrap

Homeschooling Life
Enjoy The Journey
Starry Sky Ranch

The Pioneer Woman (occasionally PG13)
Gathering Around The Table


Denise said...

You cherry pie. : )

You are such an encouragement. Your constancy your faithfulness is such a blessing.

Lynette said...

Ditto! You are a blessing & your family is such a blessing. I just love the hugs & chorus of hellos I get from your precious children. They are a delight!
You are a awesome lady & a Mommy!

Big Fat Loser said...

I love how you broke down the categories. While reading your list, I came across some I used to read and then somehow forgot about.

I imagine as I browse the links, I'll come to have some new favs too.

Theresa, Thanks for the nod of encouragement. :-)

Hopefully your dh told you there's a sitter for Wednesday. God is letting us in on His plan one step at a time.

I finally posted two pictures of me at my site. One is at the Tidbits about Me listed on the sidebar.

The other one is in the Fav Website meme (which you could be tagged for if you wish). Click in sista in #4.

I made a few changes. I'm not sure what I'm doing so I don't know what will stay.

Sorry this is so long!!!!

Big Fat Loser said...

Oh, man. I did it again! :-(