Sunday, June 17, 2007

Happy Father's Day

This is a picture of two of my favorite men! My Grandpa Johnson (1925-1996), the only Grandpa who I knew (Grandpa Hopkins died when Mom was 16 years old) and my Dad (1945-2000). Even though many years have passed since their deaths, they are still a part of my life.

I have a special letter from my Dad...a rare treat because he was not a writer and he was a lefty who had difficulty writing but was an awesome South Paw pitcher. In the letter he talks about how proud he was the day I was born...Father's Day in 1966. He also told me that he was sorry for the troubles we have had (my parents divorce, my brother's death and his alcoholism) but that he was happy that we still love each other. Whenever I need a hug from him, I open it up and read it. I hope to pass on to my children what I learned from him...loving with all your heart, taking responsibility for your mistakes, it's never too late to say you are sorry and lending a helping hand whether it was "deserved" or not.

Grandpa was an outdoorsman who hunted and fished both to be able to feed his family and for enjoyment (not of the killing, but being outdoors, the challenge and skill involved and the camping!). When he was young he loved to hike, backpack and even a few times road horses in to the back country. This picture is from one of his old slides, about 1950. I don't have any letters from Grandpa, but lots of special memories and he was one of the people who taught me about photography. I hope to pass on to my children some of the values he taught me...working hard and doing the job right, family comes first whether you feel like it or not, perseverence and responsibility and saving your money for a rainy day.

These were two men who made a lot of mistakes and found their way to God late in family was far from perfect...but I see in their lives how God works all things together for good, for those who love Him and are called according to His purpose. (Romans 8:28-29)

We started our day with a phone call to Grandpa Jack, my stepdad in WA. The kids had fun saying it to him, although J said "Happy Mother's Day" which she says to all people she really likes! LOL

My own husband is a blessing from God! I married late, but I married well! I always relate to the Garth Brooks song, "I Thank God For Unanswered Prayers", because if I had married who I had wanted to, my children would not have a father and a special Dad who loves them, cares for them, loves their Mom in spite of herself and chooses to follow God at all costs. Like the Mastercard commercial...PRICELESS! Today, we honoured him...a man who had virtually no parenting and never met his own father...he is a wonderful example of how trusting in God can overcome all obstacles. I feel so secure in his arms and rejoiced as he sang next to me in church this morning and chuckled as the children used him as a jungle gym, climbing all over him as he opened his presents! Thank you Lord for the blessing you have given us!

And to any of you out there who might wander in and feel a bit sad on Father's Day...I feel for you. I have spent many Father's Days in tears because my Dad was not able to be present in my life because of his alcoholism. I have also known the grief of not having him here now. But the joy and peace that are mine in the Heavenly Father surpass all earthly riches and I truly believe the Psalms which say that He places the lonely into families and that He cares for you. Take comfort in knowing that you are always loved no matter what!

Well, I have some knitting to post soon. I am knitting socks, finished a scarf and will be doing Melanie's Mystery Shawl #2 first mystery project and my first time using beads. I also have kid pics (what else is new?!) and pics of my awesome new fleece from Cary and the BD present she sent me. We are working more on remodeling while hubby is home this week during his break between the regular school year and summer school and I have a birthday to celebrate with a dinner date with hubby the next evening and a fun potluck for the last women's Bible study for the season. So be patient, it might take me awhile! :o)

Happy Father's Day and Happy Knitting and Spinning!

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