Friday, June 29, 2007

Hair Dos

These are the girls before the beauty shop...J on left and A on right. A hs much left hair and it looks scraggly. J has lopsided hair since she cut her own awhile back! They both had lots of breaks and J does not tolerate the heat and starts twisting her long hair. It is supposed to be triple digit several days next week and we decided it was time to do something about the hair. This way it will be cooler in the summer and it will grow back out healthier, hopefully without breaks.This is A in the chair at Super Cuts. The kids usually talk a mile a minute but she was strangely quiet! J was too. I think this cut suits A's personality quite well.
The girls, J on left, A on right, playing while we waited for Daddy to pick us up. We almost never dress them alike. Daddy dressed them this morning. Now that they have their hair cut the same it is going to be even harder for people outside the family to tell them apart...but at this point in their lives, they will tell you who they are. J has even started saying, "I'm not Princess, I'm J!"
We came home to a belated birthday surprise from Cousins Wendy and Don....cute dishes and tea party set from Ikea! They were very excited. J was sad about something...we probably told her no about something! :o) A on left, J on right. J looks more like me as a young child, than A does, which is strange since they are "identical" but J is more the size I was. But I had dark, chocolatey brown hair, and dark eyes. The girls were born with blue eyes and they are currently hazel. One of my Dad's first cousins had blue eyes until she was 5 and then they turned brown. We are thinking this might happen to the girls. It's not real common, usually they turn during the first year.

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Carissa said...

The look cute with their new cuts! My A needs a haircut already, and B has only me trim hers once, but with the curls I can get away with it! I hope that they are cooler this way!