Thursday, June 28, 2007

Pray For Lake Tahoe Fire Victims

I live about 100 miles from South Lake Tahoe where the fires are burning. Tomorrow I am supposed to be going with my church ladies to our annual women's retreat at Zephyr Cove which is near SLT, on the Nevada side. A decision has not been made yet about whether or not we will still be going there or having a retreat here at our own church. I have been praying for our women's ministry team and Pastor Mike as they will need to make a decision today.

Sadly, I have been hearing a lot of comments about "they chose to live there, that's what they get!" Well, you are right...have you ever been to Lake Tahoe? It's absolutely gorgeous in spite of the casinos, cheesy hotels at Stateline and too many people. I wish I could have seen it a couple hundred years ago! But it's still beautiful. And people live there. People work there. They go to church there. They provide necessary services. Sadly this fire started by human causes and now, as I write this 229 houses have burned to the ground. Literally to the ground. Yes, some of these were vacation rentals, but the majority were peoples homes. Everyday people. I have never lost my home in a fire, but I have family and friends who have and it is devastating. Let's lift up these people as they begin a new life, starting over, picking up pieces where there are no pieces to pick up! Praise God that no lives have been lost so far in this fire!

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Sandi said...

I live in the bay area of CA and have travel several times to So. Lake Tahoe for family vacations. It is truly beautiful and a reminder of God's handiwork. Many people have lost so much due to fire, our prayers go out to all of them.