Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Getting Ready For School

In between migraines and taking care of the kids, we have been doing a lot of reorganizing. One of the things we are doing is getting ready for school to start in mid July. While I worked today, the kids colored. D usually draws Lightning McQueen or Larry Boy but lately he has been making paper airplanes. "This one is for you Mom because it says Mom!" Note the lovely colors. The girls, J in middle and A on R, are into "color exploration", especially J. The girls are a little behind on small motor skills but are picking up quickly. It is not unusual for twins to be on their own schedule.
Here's a view of two of our school shelves. Mom this is on the wall shared with the kitchen. Textbooks, curriculum and supplementary books go on the right. The garage shelving on the left is for school supplies which I have put in a variety of $1-2 Sterilite containers from Big Lots.
The upper view...we use all the space we can get. Next year we hope to get some nicer shelves at Ikea, but these will work for now. Some things have to go up higher so little fingers cannot reach...Play Dough, Markers, paints, CDs/Player etc. But the girls are getting better. We are trying to teach them how to be obedient no matter what situation they are in instead of always removing everything which has its time and place but does not train them to obey.
Mom, this shelf is next to the sliding door. It has the story books and some kids toys on the bottom...again special things are up high.

What I have not shown is our table which is to the right of the last picture. This is where we sit for school. This summer while Daddy doesn't work as many hours, he is helping by going over some basics with the girls. They are too young for Kindergarten but I will be working with them at the same time as their brother because they can't be left out. Besides they are very excited about it. D is a little learning sponge and is enjoying reading. This summer I am just reviewing his Kindergarten skills and in July we will begin 1st grade. We are registered as a private school and our name is Pathfinder Academy. I will probably be starting a new school blog soon just to keep that all together.

All the organizing we are doing is going to pay off because then I can keep more focused on school and not worry about all the disasters around me! It's difficult to work efficiently with clutter.


Cary said...

Theresa, will you come and organize my house now??? LOL!

I think it looks great, and I know you are working in some very tight spaces there.

It really struck me from your birthday post - your girls look a LOT like you did as a youngster, don't they?

Hugs, Cary

Carissa said...

The shelves look so well organized! I'm sure that the kids will enjoy school, I always did at their age!

Lynette said...

I love how Allie & Josie use the whole paper & all the different colors.