Monday, July 23, 2007

Yosemite Bears

I have been wanting to post some of my Yosemite pictures but have not had time to work on them. These are not my best pictures...poor lighting, a little blurry...but they probably were some of my most interesting! LOL We got out to take pics of the meadow and I was thinking it was the right time of evening to see deer or possibly even elk. Then I saw what I thought was a dog behind a tree. It was the setting sun just highlighting the tips of fur on a BEAR's back! Not only was there a bear, there were two...Mama and Baby! I was so excited. I was not sure whether or not I should be afraid or excited. I knew caution is always in order where wild animals are concerned and especially when there is a baby bear. There was not enough light to focus and it all happened so fast, but here are a few glimpses:

Mama Bear didn't seem to concerned about either us or her cub. Occasionally she stopped and poked at something in the grass but then she continued sauntering on towards the trees at the other side of the meadow.
Here is the cub who seemed to dilly dally and enjoy his romp. He had no intention of catching up with Mama any time soon.
Just when we thought she wasn't paying attention, Mama turned and looked at us and waited a moment for her cub. When the cub caught up and nuzzled at her mouth, she took a paw and swatted at the cub, cuffing it alongside the head. I wasn't sure if that was for dilly dallying or some other unknown offense! :o)
And then as quick as it happened they were gone and we were left with an open and empty meadow!
For another perspective, Shelley's Blog where she has some pics of the bears and of my family.

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Tina at Take Heart said...

Oh, Theresa! I just love your blog. The kids and I have been cruising it and seeing all the cool pictures of Yosemite, and the great pictures of the re-enactment. It's been wonderfully educating for ALL of us! :o) I have to say, though, that my very favorite picture is of the baby bear in the meadow. It's so adorable. You will make note cards from that one, won't you? And when can we buy some?

Tina (and her kids)