Sunday, July 15, 2007

Goat Rock Beach and Spindling

Learning how to use my top whorl Bosworth Purpleheart spindle at the beach. The spindle was a gift from my Christian Artisans (link at right) friend Pamela in England and the batt of lime green and blue wool is a gift from another CA friend Debra.
The first part of the day, the whole coastal area was socked in with fog. These were the views as we left.
The fog never totally left the beautiful Sonoma Coastline.
But we enjoyed some beautiful sunshine on Goat Rock Beach.
View from my spindling perch! Look at the fabulous greens and blues in the water.
Here is my family building sand castles. D, J, A and hubby. There was another beautiful side to the beach and this is where some of my dear friend Laura's ashes are. I spent a few moments alone there thanking God for the beautiful woman she was here on this earth and rejoicing that He chose to put her in my life. I hope to see her again one day! Shelley and I have spent many hours on the beach and this was a nice way to end our visit together.


sherriknits said...

As always, your pictures are beautiful. I hate when reality has to hit after having fun with a friend!
The beach is beautiful. Some day I am going to learn to use my spindle.

Prayerful Knitter - Shelly said...

What beautiful scenery and a very beautiful family, too.