Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Shelley Bee

Here is a picture from last Friday of Shelley in front of Sacramento Beekeeping Supply in Sacramento, California. Shelley has been interested in honey bees for a long time and hopes one day to have her own hive. Imagine my surprise when I was thumbing through a magazine and saw an ad for this place not far from us. It was a nice discovery for me too because we use a LOT of raw honey. The kids love it on toast and yogurt and I use it for cooking and eating too. Here at the store you can buy everything from knick knacks with bees on them to bees themselves and everything inbetween! I purchased ten gallons of local honey. Local raw honey is supposed to be helpful for people who have allergies. Since we all have allergies, even the cat, we are hoping it will help some. We have been eating non-local raw honey because it is not that easy to find. Raw honey has some nutritional/medicinal value that processed/pasteurized honey does not. So, I am very happy to find this store where I can bring my jars in and have them filled. It was fun to be able to take Shelley here too as she had never been to a place like this. I even found a great book for the kids to use in school as we will be studying insects in science this year.

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Prayerful Knitter - Shelly said...

What a wonderful store! I've always been intrigued by bees, too.

What a find on all the local honey. We are able to get small lots of it at our local farmers market, but I can't imagine being able to get 10 gallons! WOW! What a find. : )