Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Yosemite Day 2

This is where we stayed in Midpines, CA. J called it "The Lincoln Log House"! :o) It was a good setup for us, so that Shelley had her own room and our family slept together downstairs. There was a kitchen as well since the eating possibilities are not so great. Now if only they had cleaned it some time in the last ten years it would have been really great! LOL
The closer you got to the park, the higher the gas got, although it was about 30 cents cheaper inside the park...which we found out later.
Lupine...what a lovely way to start the day. It's one of my favorite wildflowers. We saw three different varieties in the park. This one was 2-3 feet tall. On Saturday, July 7th we went along the Tioga Pass Road, which is in the northern portion of the park. It is actually my favorite part of the park because you drive through so much beautiful scenery and it is all so varied and unusual.
This picture just made me laugh. A in the blue and J in the pink. We have caught a few episodes of TLC's John and Kate Plus 8 (They have fraternal twins and sextuplets!) and we just crack up at some of the early shows where they describe the things they go through and what they do to cope. We have used many of those same things because it was just the two of us most of the time. Granted, having 3 under 18 months is easier than 6, but it was difficult nonethelss. For some reason this picture just makes me think of all the struggles we have gone through. We've come a long way baby! LOL
The picnic crew at Yosemite Creek. Shelley, A, J, D and hubby.
We have some cute pics of D and Daddy taken at Yosemite Creek July 2002 when he was just 9 months old. We had to do a retake. It was a low rain/snowfall year in the Sierra so it is pretty dry, not a lot of roaring water, but we did see three young trout swimming in the clear shallow water!
Half Dome taken from Olmstead Point. It was really hazy due to forest fires. There are several of these large boulders just sitting on the granite. From a distance it looks like God was playing a marble game and just left his marbles sitting out! LOL
Tuolumne Meadows is near the Tioga Pass and is about 8500 feet. I experienced altitude sickness...a first for me, but I think the smoke from the fires made my asthma bad and didn't help. It was still very beautiful and we enjoyed a couple hours here in the meadows.

These are either the Echo Peaks or the Cathedral Peak seen from Tuolumne Meadow.
My hubby! He enjoys photography too and uses a Nikon D40.
This picture reminds me of Anne of Green Gables when she drives by Barry's Pond and tells Matthew it should be called "The Sea of Shining Waters"!
Here is Shelley, sitting in the hot sun, contemplating the possibility of jumping in to cool off!
Another shot of hubby at Tuolumne Meadows.

A beautiful, still pool of water in the Tuolumne Meadows.
The girls, J and A...we changed outfits several times a day because they had so much fun playing and because it was so hot that they drank constantly and made big wet diapers while riding in the car!
You only turn 50 once! Shelley enjoyed the cool water and I joined her shortly thereafter. I will NOT be sharing those pictures though! LOL
Lembert Dome at Tuolumne Meadows. There were people climbing on the top of the granite.
Last pics of the day...Half Dome at sunset time.

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It looks like you had a fabulous and beautiful trip with family and a great friend!

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