Monday, July 30, 2007

Blog Hopping and Nutrition

In the last couple months I have been reading Lindsey's blog called Enjoy The Journey. Her family and ours are on a parallel adventure with food and health. She has had some interesting blog posts recently. She also blogs about her family and homeschooling from a balanced perspective.

Today Lindsey's blogpost is about High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS) and she includes several links with information about it. HFCS is bad for us on many levels. However, one of the most dangerous is the effect it has on the way our body processes sugar and the insulin reaction. HFCS can induce Type II Diabetes. Check your's in almost everything because it tastes good, has nice texture, preserves foods and makes you want to eat more! It is the first food additive that we eliminated from our diet. Be aware it's in a LOT of snack foods and in some surprising places like Ketchup, many canned/bottled spaghetti sauces and jams and jellies.

Lindsey also links to a new to me blog called The Cleaner Plate Club which I plan on checking out more closely. She has recipes and ideas for eating better simply, quickly and without having to be a gourmet cook!

Don't worry every post will not be about the horrors of the food industry. But this is my blog and as such it is my journal and my journey in life and this is where we are on the path right now. No new pics of MS3, although in the next few days I should have some interesting knitting, spinning and sewing or crafting things to share.

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Lindsey @ Enjoythejourney said...

Thanks for the link Theresa...I am learning baby steps as I go. I have been enjoying doing the series and I am finding there are lots of women out there like me, trying to do better for our families in the way of nutrition. If enough of us get together and switch our buying habits, the industry WILL notice! :)

God bless you! (love the blog header by the way)