Tuesday, August 16, 2005

This is the shawl from the back. DH didn't tell me that I didn't have it centered! Oh well. The reason why I am posting these pictures is that I would like some opinions from experienced knitters on how I could make a shawl for myself. I wear a 4-5x shirt. I am probably 3-4x on the shoulder area and 5x around my belly after having my twins! The shawl looks huge on the floor and tiny on me. In the front it doesn't cover around enough. I realize that I could go up a size to fingering weight, but I wonder 1) if I will lose the lacy effect of the laceweight wool and 2) if I will end up with a shawl that is bigger in too many directions (e.g it fits around but hangs down to my ankles! LOL)? Any input would be appreciated. I do like the Faroese shaping to stay on the shoulders. I hate things that slip and you have to be constantly pushing it up all the time. Posted by Picasa

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