Wednesday, August 03, 2005

This is my new acquisition! It's Shadow from, a lace weight merino and at $2.29 for a 440 yard skein, a real good deal! I had to play with the color on this and tried taking pics in both flash and natural light to no avail. The pictures all turned out looking rust. I decreased red tones and increased blue and that made it almost accurate. The color is Vineyard and it is a deep burgandy that is more on the purple side of burgandy than red. It's so beautiful. After all my holiday presents are done, I want to make myself a shawl with this. It will be nice with my dark coloring. I need to learn more about shawls and their fitting though and learn how to increase them in size. I got one extra skein for the purpose of making the shawl larger. One possibility though is the Lily of the Valley stole from Fiddlesticks. $9.50 a pattern though! OUCH! It can be made larger just by making it longer. Lily of the Valleys are sentimental to me because of my Grandmother. We'll see! I have done about 8 inches on the Shetland Garden Faroese shawl though and need to take pictures to show you. The Zephyr wool/silk from my secret pal is a dream to work with! And on a humorous side, DH saw me working on the blogs and he saw the title of my knitting blog, not knowing that it meant UnFinished Objects, he declared "UFOs!!! Where have you been without me?!" LOL We got a good chuckle over that one. Okay, kiddos are calling, gotta run. Pictures of the shawl coming soon! Posted by Picasa

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