Tuesday, August 23, 2005


Well, I am plugging along on the Lacy Smoke Ring (see pics below) and am at least 2/3 of the way done. It hought it would be boring after awhile because of the repetition but there is some comfort in knowing what you are doing on each row and being able to knit while watching tv or kids. I like how it is turning out and that Frog Tree Alpaca is a dream to knit with. Does anyone know if you can use it for socks? I mean, I realize that you can use anything for socks but some fibers are not as suited and I wondered about durability with such a soft fiber. I think they would feel yummy! :o) I definitely will use that yarn again.

I am supposed to be cleaning and organizing my office area but I cannot seem to get motivated even though dh took the kids out to play. My stepdad Jack is in the hospital 800 miles away and that is always the hard part of not being closer. He is going to be okay, an infection in his leg and we think probably Diabetes (which is contributory to the infection). Still hard to hear my Mom on the phone and not be able to help. She's exhausted. My heart has been with Nancy too. She did not go to church on Sunday, but she was able to visit with her son and DIL and that really is more important. We just keep praying for her family.

Saturday we went to San Francisco and I may post some photos here later. We went to escape the heat and now we know why Mark Twain said that the coldest winter he ever experienced was the summer he spent in San Francisco! LOL Well, that nixed our plan to play on the beach with the kids, but we did have a great time. We spent some time in Golden Gate National Park for a walk in the beautiful gardens and saw the beautiful Queen Wilhelmina Gardens complete with a 1902 windmill and thousands of Impatiens flowers in every color. After that we went to the San Francisco Zoo. What a great zoo! I was as impressed with all the plants, flowers, trees, grasses and natural areas as I was with the animals. The kids had fun and I was able to get some great pics.

One thing while I was out in San Francisco...I saw lots of women, all different ages, wearing knit scarves! Yeah! I never see that in Sacramento so I wondered if it wasn't really in style here or ? Now I am thinking probably it is because it is too HOT in the summer! So I'm thinking about making myself one in some pretty variegated yarn that I could wear when we go places like SF. I did bring the smoke ring to knit on, but we were too busy to sit still long enough to knit!

Well, back to work...

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