Thursday, August 25, 2005

Meeting AKers in Davis!

I had a nice day today and got to meet some knitters from my AK (Ample Knitting) list. Paulette is so nice and friendly. She invited me to the Knit Chicks group to visit and knit but I just have not had a chance to do that because it is in Fairfield, which is about an hour away, between us and San Francisco. With my migraines and the awful traffic on hwy 80 (not to mention the cost of gas these days!) I don't get out for a lot of things like this. So we have tried to get together at another time and different places and one thing or another always came up. Finally today we both found a way to make it and she brought friends Sylvia and Ileine along too!

I got there a little early so I had time to look at everything in the shop, In Sheep's Clothing. They are a nice store and it was fun to see and touch things I read about on blogs and see know us knitters...we've just got to touch! :o) I did notice that their prices are a tad higher than here in Sacramento, but I would go back again. I also got to look around in a neat children's bookstore and found a tons of books to use for ds in homeschooling for $1 a piece!

We had a nice visit and I have pictures below. Paulette and Ileine will also be going on the retreat in November...I forgot to ask about I will get to see them again! Ileine has identical twin granddaughters so it was fun to see her pictures. I always like to meet up with other twin families.

I really enjoy meeting online friends...afterall, it is how I met my hubby! :o)

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