Sunday, September 30, 2007

Bark! Bark! Bark!

No, we did not acquire a dog this weekend! 4 out of 5 L's have been surveyed and they have croup! Lucky Daddy is not sick and is enjoying a great men's retreat in the redwoods with a trip yesterday to the coast. We can't wait to see him when he comes home today! :-)

And I also received the saddest of all kinds of news this weekend. I have written before about my good friend Laura who died last September. Her son and his girlfriend were expecting twin boys in a couple weeks. The Mom was further along than I was when I delivered my twins; she had cramping and went in and they sent her home. She had more pain the next day and they discovered that both boys had smothered to death because of something wrong with the placenta. A C-section was performed to remove them. Losing a child at any time, for any reason is really the hardest of all griefs, or so I am told by those who know. Little Hayden and Spencer were bringing joy and hope into a grieving family that was still reeling from one loss and now a year later they have two more. My heart is broken for them. Please pray for this family, especially that they will draw close to Him. Thank you.

For all of you that I owe email replies to, I'm sorry I am so behind. I'm trying to catch up.


sherriknits said...

Oh I am so sorry. I do pray for them. I have had miscarriages and it is very difficult even before you felt that kick...I can't imagine what this is like for them. These are the times we long for that day when there will be no more tears.

Holly said...

Oh no! What a loss. I will be praying.

Lynette said...

Oh no! What sad news. I am very sorry for them, what a diffcult timethis must be.

When you get a chance check out this post at 100 Years From Now at
It reminded me of what you said today about living for each day.

Charlotte said...

Theresa, I am so, so very sorry for this family's pain and loss. I will keep them in my prayers and you also. I cannot imagine how much this hurts. I will pray especially for God's peace, comfort, and protection.
Love Charlotte from CA