Sunday, October 07, 2007

Drama to Knit by and AS's Inishmore

Long time no type. Croup and the after effects have been ruling our house. I'm ready to escape this cranky infirmary, but that's a no go. So, I thought I would share some past knitting with you and some of my recent knitting viewing.

This is Inishmore from AS's Fisherman Sweaters which I began knitting in the mid 90s with some Aran weight lovely Creskeld wool I purchased in York, England the summer of 1994.

The above photo shows about 2/3 of the front done. And now I am going to have to frog this! This will be painful to do. However, at some point in time, the moths had a nice snack, randomly throughout my knitting...this piece only! :o( The yarn will now be used for something else. But I plan on knitting this again sometime. It doesn't come in my size but I plan on knitting it for my girls. I think it's one of AS's loveliest Aran pieces.

The above two photos are just closeups of the cables and other details.

Lately, since we cancelled our satellite tv service, we have been watching a couple tv shows which we rent through Netflix. One of my favorites to knit by is Monarch of the Glen, which is a BBC drama that takes place in Scotland. If the men in kilts doesn't grab you :o) the many beautiful sweaters and the gorgeous Scottish scenery will. It is filmed on an actual loch and estate in Scotland and the views are breathtaking. The bumbling character, Duncan, almost always wears Aran and cabled sweaters. I had seen the first couple years of this several years ago on BBCAmerica. I cringe to support BBC in anything since they openly hate both America and Christians, but this is much better tv viewing than I have found elsewhere. Currently the show is very nice, however I was looking around at the website when I found the URL and it looks like it progresses into a soap opera. So, that may lose my interest. For now, it's my favorite to knit by.

The second thing we have been watching in the evenings is Northern Exposure. It's kind of a silly show, but it draws you in. One draw for me is that it was filmed in my home state Washington (sorry folks it isn't really Alaska). Sometimes I get homesick watching it. We are often surprised at the difference between then and now in TV. I wouldn't recommend watching even this to kids though as there are couples who live together and things like that, but even though the main story lines plays heavily on the tension between Joel and Maggie, it isn't about s?x like just about all modern tv shows.

I dont' know about you but I find it much easier to knit on something once the kiddos are in bed and I am watching something. I knit the Shetland Garden Faroese Shawl while watching the Lord of the Rings series on DVD. That was a little intense! LOL

I'll try to update some this week but will be busy with my son's birthday too.


Charlotte said...

Oh, that Aran knitting is beautiful Theresa. I just bought a book, "The Best of Knitter's Arans and Celtics" and your picture is inspiring me to get going on a sweater for my hubby. I've watched Monarch of the Glen, too! Didn't know anyone else had...I'm a Scot, don't you know (maiden name of Davidson, Davis on my mother's side)

Carissa said...

How terrible about the moths! I have AS's Aran book, and I hope to make something in there one day. I've been more into colorwork at the moment. I'm glad that the kiddos are feeling better (a mixed blessing, I know!) and I hope that D has a wonderful birthday this week!

Jill said...

Hi! I found you on ravelery today. Monarch of the Glen is a great series. I too watched it via Neflix. The last series isn't out yet but I enjoyed all the series to date. It does get slightly soap opera but not bad. I'm the type to fast forward "those parts" in movies and I never felt the need to fast forward here. Enjoy them all.
You may want to try Ballykissangel if you haven't seen that yet.