Friday, October 12, 2007

Turning Six (Long/Picture Intensive)

I apologize ahead of time for the long post but we have been partying in the L family this week! LOL Lots of pics for Grandparents and family who live far away to see. D's sixth birthday started a few days early when his Uncle L and Aunt K came over and brought him some really cool stuff. His favorite is probably a new Lightning and Mater shirt! We are all about Pixar Cars 24/7 around here to the point that Mom is going crazy! :o) I guess it is better than some alternatives.
Aunt K never forgets the girls. They got a little comb and mirror set with hair clips. This is A putting the hair clips in.
On D's third bd we began going to the pumpkin patch. This year hubby took the day off and he drove the girls in the van and I drove my friend J and her son S in the other car. D was sooooo excited to sit next to a friend in the car. He has only had to share with sisters, something he is not always thrilled about! That morning D drew S a picture of an airplane. S drew D a picture too and they exchanged pics in the car. We went to a pumpkin farm in a neighboring city. It poured down rain the night before so the pumpkins were covered and the hay was wet when we arrived.
One year I grew "Indian Corn" and it is so pretty. I hope to do it again some time. This corn was beautiful in the sunlight.
The first activity of the day was to take a hay ride. Here is L to R, J holding a picture she drew for her friend that came later, D, S and A. My friend Sonia came too with her two children as well as a new friend, a lady who attends the Arabic church that meets in our church. I didn't put pictures in of them because I didn't have permission to put them on the web. I was sooo THANKFUL for Sonia's kids who are older than mine because they were so gentle and kind with the little ones and really helped out a lot.
This is S with his Mom, my friend J from Bible study. She's a neat gal and I am really enjoying getting to know her. It's a small world...I just found out that her parents grew up just over the Canadian border from mine.
Hubby took these great shots from the hay ride. You can see the rain clouds were just barely gone when we arrived.
They also grow sunflowers, corn, zinnias, Cock's Comb and other flowers.Here are some of the pumpkins categorized by size. We all got to take a little one home with us.
The eternal quest...getting a good photo of all three of my children. They may be 50 before that happens! LOL In these pics it is J, A, D.
J held her pumpkin like she was getting ready to bowl with it! Maybe she'll take after her Daddy and her Papa Dan and be a bowler.
Nobody ever looks at the camera, or the same camera or smiles at the same time! Mom is usually aggravated and ends up with steam coming out her ears each time we try it! LOL
The girls really admire their big brother. They were looking at him and what he was doing to take their cues for what they would do.

Look at all that help pulling the wagon! The wagons were for carting pumpkins, which we did later on, but we also this for coats, purses and camera bags as well as wearing out the kids! LOLD doesn't have any boys his age at church, just girls, but he has made friends with two little boys about his sisters' age. One, N couldn't come because he had hand surgery that same morning. This is S. D has always been very affectionate and likes to hug his friends.
Next stop was the petting zoo. Sonia's kids bought some grain pellets to fead the goats...who are always hungry! D didn't want any part of it but the girls all got a kick out of the tongues on their hands. A and J.
A in particular had fun doing this. It was fun to watch her expressions.

Here's our friend A (who wanted to climb in with the goats!), our A and J.

I asked the girls to turn around becuase I thought it would make a cute picture but only A did. Our little diva can be quite the poser at times!

Here's A again with the goats. You can see the delight in her face! :-)
They have pony rides on the weekend, but not during the week. The ponies were all kind of sad looking. I felt sorry for them. They also had some sheep, which looked like meat breeds, turkeys, chickens, llamas and pigs.
D didn't want much to do with the animals, so he pulled Dad and Steven down to see this Mater which was part of a decorating contest. D loves Mater and was delighted to see him!

Since Mom wasn't there, he broke the rules, went behind the lines and even checked out Mater's head lights...look at the joy in his face! LOL (They did put it back!)
Then, to his further delight, there was an old truck that was rusted in similar colors to Mater. Pretty cool when you are six!
He had to check it all out and inspected the lights and grill.
Then he opened and looked inside. He told me it was pretty "gross".
There was a lot to do for little ones, including a haunted house, a corn maze and a big slide. Since we don't celebrate Halloween, I'm surprised that my kids wanted to go in the haunted house but hubby said it was a pretty mild one and that J actually laughed through out it. They have never seen scary stuff, so she didn't know that it wasn't just silly. I sat and talked with Sonia during these events because my asthma was acting up with all the wet hay and other stuff there. The above picture is the kids heading through the corn maze.

I like this picture of J and my friend J is in the distance. She is my little nature girl and it's not uncommon to find her alone absorbed in something interesting. Hubby said she liked touching all the corn stalks when they went through.
This is a cool shot of S that Hubby took. He is wearing a Spiderman shirt that belonged to his 12 yo brother when he was little.
This isn't a great shot photographically but I thought it was funny. J looks like a stunt woman getting ready to jump on a running horse or moving car! LOL S looks like he's saying "Wow! Look what she's going to do!"

The kiddy train wasn't running but I got cute pics of the kids. I couldn't share most of them because they had the other kids in the photos. This one is A.
And this one is the Birthday Boy himself!

Naturally it wouldn't be a complete pumpkin patch without a pumpkin headed scarecrow!
Here is A, proud with her pick of pumpkins. The kids have been carting them around the house like toys. Why no, we don't get out much! LOL
This is my friend's little guy and since his face wasn't showing, I thought it would be okay to show the little cutie! :-)
And here's Mr. D. with his pumpkin choice!
This is the Cock's Comb that they grow. This was about 8" across and difficult to photograph. They are kind of a hot fuchsia color which doesn't photograph accurately.
There were several types of sunflowers with lots of bees.

There were Zinnias in several colors and both the bees and the moths loved them!
We had a nice picnic lunch there and instead of bringing a messy cake to the pumpkin patch I made chocolate chip bar cookies, which were a hit. This is J and A with Daddy in the background as the other half of the Papparazzi! LOLAnd Hubby got me taking pictures too! We couldn't actually light the candles because there was just enough breeze to blow them out. D was a good sport and pretended!
J thought they were finger licking good!
After eating the kids climbed in the trees. D in the first photo, J in the second.

That evening we continued the birthday celebration. D's poor pitiful cake. Mom was sick before his birthday so he just got fake frosting from a can and candy cars stuck on top. It's the ugliest thing I've ever seen, but he didn't had cars!

D nearly went crazy the day before when this huge box arrived from Aunt Shelley. It killed him to wait. Shell...can you see in his face how much he LOVED it!?

This was the prize, a "Lightning Fast Speedway". We haven't played with it yet because it takes C batteries, which we picked up tonight. That will be tomorrow's excitement!

Sisters each got him a Bibleman movie, a book and a Cars movie car. Do you think he liked the cars?

He practically knocked A over giving her a hug for the car!

J got a similar tackle hug, but notice he isn't taking his eyes off those cars for long! LOL

The girls, A and J, were facinated, watching as he opened the rest of his presents. He got some clothes, books and school books, but the only things he cared about naturally were the Cars movie toys.
He was really excited about this Lego-like Mack and Lightning which we had to put together right away.
The girls were very curious about it all and waited patiently to join in. That's A looking on.

D and A take a peek and see Lightning in the back of Mack.

The next night there were two more packages from Grandma and Grandpa in Washington. How long can we drag this thing out? LOL

One of the neat things was a book on how to draw "things that move".
This is J. And in closing I just want to ask much more of this paper do you have???!!! She's had a huge roll and been using it at least 15 years... it is never going to be used up or disappear! LOL


Donna B said...

I love those pumpkin-head pictures! What cuties! I know how hard it is to get everyone looking good at once! That looks like one happy birthday.

Laughing out loud at the wrapping paper. At least that's a couple of steps up from my mom, who has been known to use paper bags and duct tape. my paper is a little fancier, but I always wrap at the last minute, just like her.

Carissa said...

It looks like D had a great birthday! The pictures from the pumpkin patch are very cute too!

Melissa said...

Looks like a lot of fun! Pretty flower pics too!

Deborah said...

What a fun birthday. I'm so glad! I got sick for one of Gregory's birthdays and I put frosting in a tube and gave it to Gregory and let him decorate his own cake, lol. Now THAT was lacking in pretty, lol.

Lynette said...

Hi Theresa
Don't worry, more pictures are too came just keep watching my blog for more pictures. I took over 300 & will pick some each day to post. It takes so long to upload the pictures. Plus I thought it would be fun to string you all along, ha ha.

Molly said...

The cake looks pretty darn good to me; I'd definitely eat a piece! What great memories for your son :)