Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Wellness Wednesday #2

Hello Everyone! Thanks for the great comments and encouragements you all left me on and off the blog! I really appreciate all the input and those joining along who pulled off their masks too! It's not easy, but I think we need to stick together and encourage one another.

I think it was Donna (but can't find the comment to verify) who recommended the Prism Weight Loss Plan. If you are going to go on a diet, I would highly recommend this one. I had to laugh when I googled because it comes up with some really nasty criticism. It is labeled as a fad diet with extreme carb-cutting and a copy of the Atkins diet. I have to think that the people that write these things have 1) never been on this diet or even seen it's material and 2) have an axe to grind, possibly are anti-Christian. This diet is lowered carbs but is NOTHING like Atkins and it is not a fad diet either. It teaches you how to eat better. It does start out eliminating almost every white carb (is this such a bad thing?!), though you are allowed to eat rice and rice cakes. It starts this way because your body gets "addicted" to these and this helps you to cut the ties and also helps the weight come off quicker in the beginning. But after each session of several weeks you begin adding things back in so that you will learn how to eat them in moderation. The best part of this diet is the support group and the scripture/devotions. This is a Christ centered "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me" plan. It works. If I were to actually diet again, I would do this program.

I don't diet anymore!

No, I'm not in denial. I still checked in at the same 325# this week...not surprising since I had pms munchies this week and enjoyed a lot of the homemade chocolate chip cookies my hubby made! :o)

I have been on a long journey with my weight and have been on many diets since I was in grade school. I started out with chubby baby fat and have ended up with morbid obesity. As a child I absorbed a lot of negative and cruel commentary on my weight and appearance to the point that I could no longer look at my body in proper perspective. Not only have I dieted and exercised, but I have also vomited and starved. When I weighed 120-150 pounds I was plump and healthy. My mind's eye looked in the mirror and saw someone who weighed 325#! When I go on a diet it begins to be a competition with myself until I get to the point of eating virtually nothing, being miserable, not losing weight and then giving up and bingeing. It's a vicious cycle of self hate and honestly I think it is not better mentally than drugs, alcohol or other destructive behavior.

So, a couple years ago I said no diets. I am going to learn to be healthy. The first step in being healthy is accepting God's view of you and giving Him total control of your life. Some of my obesity I cannot help, most of it though is my response to fear, anxiety, emotional pain and not trusting God. That was really hard to admit when I finally realized it. But over the last few years He has strengthend me, taught me, loved me and opened my eyes. I am in an overall healthier state of mind because He has healed me.

Still, I am left with old habits. Getting rid of the old habits is the hard part. But I have a hubby and three little kids that I wish to spend a long lifetime with. And so, I am working on change. I think it is often overwhelming for many of us to look at the big picture. For instance, I have a whole fat person to take off of me in terms of pounds! WHOA! That's scary. That's why I have to look at small goals and achievements.

My first small goal was to not gain more weight. The next was to take off some weight and keep it off. After that I began to tackle eating like a normal person...learning normal proportions and servings. That isn't easy in a super sized world. Eating when I was actually hungry...not when bored, nervous, scared, depressed etc, was another baby step. Then I began looking into healthier foods. I am now in the second phase of that, which I have shared on here before. (I have not started gluten free yet, still reading, but haven't given up on that plan.)

I think the next step for me will be adding increased exercise. This is a struggle for me since living in California because my asthma has been so bad. I have always been active and enjoyed exercising, but when you can't breathe, it's no longer fun. I hate huffing and puffing to keep up with my kids and I don't want to be on the sidelines forever, I want to be actively involved in my own life. I haven't decided how I will jump in for certain, but it will most likely be walking. Walking is a safe, all around exercise that benefits the body in many ways.

What steps are some of you taking in your journey? Do you get enough exercise? What exercise do you do? More importantly, when you look in the mirror, do you see a child of God or do you deny Him and see something else? What encourages you? How can we encourage each other?

Thanks for reading today if you made it this far. I will be praying for anyone who leaves comments about your journey!


Donna B said...

I am definitely un-dieting right now, too. (someone else let you know about the Prism plan? unless you know more'n one Donna. :-) Cutting back on portion sizes is where I am at right now. My appetite was giant-sized when I was pregnant and nursing the twins exclusively, and I am reigning back to normal now.

I took a piece of bday cake today and cut it in four portions, so when I wanted another piece I got another small one.
It helps me. (baked goods are danger for me, even if made with whole wheat, which this cake was)

I walk right now, and I do 15 minutes of T Tapp daily. I recommend it highly, when you feel up to adding something to the walking. It is zero impact but strengthens the muscles and is designed for people with physical difficulties. Right now my knees are in bad shape and I can't do some of the exercise that I love. Ttapp is rehabilatative for knees, etc.

I am down 2 lbs this week, 192.5. But I will not feel like I have lost til I am down under the 185 mark. I have lost and regained these 10 lbs several times since the twins were born.

Much love to you, Theresa. It sounds like you have already made so many good habits. I will pray that God will help you with the walking habit this week!

Lynette said...

What positive steps you are talking. You look great on Sunday!

Because of my arthitis in my shoulder I stretch every morning. I have been very consistent for the past 2 months. I also starting walking 15-20 minutes a day. This started because I am also getting arthitis in my knees (I'm too young, darn it!). These things started not because of weight, but because of aching bones.

Also trying to cut back on coffee (having a cup now)& sweets. This is not going so well right now. This is because of acid reflux. I had several very painful bouts with it, it kinda scared me too. I found it is not always coffee, it is the really sweet foods, like donuts & danish, fried foods & chocolate. I am not eliminating but cutting back or at leaslt trying to. I asked God to help me & put the desire in my heart to be more healthy.

Eve had it easy with all the fresh fruits in the garden (until she blew it). Of course you know how I am with fresh fruit.

Melissa said...

It sounds like you have a good attitude about the whole thing.

I stayed in a hotel this week and there was a large mirror in the bathroom which I'm not used to. Seeing yourself in the buff in front of a full mirror is an eye opener. I mean, I knew there was a problem, but a mirror doesn't hide flaws like loose pants do. I'm not sure where to start, other than to first stop eating chocolate and baked goods whenever I wish. I also need to get moving. I have a treadmill and I need to use it. I also have some good excercise tapes, but I always can find something else I'd rather be doing ;o)

I need to get started, then it will get easier to stay at it.