Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Spinning Rainbows

One day while I was reading one of my favorite bloggers, The Scottish Lamb, I found out about this wonderful yarn swift from The Knit Store on eBay. Scottish Lamb has a better picture in her September 17th post. It is a very simple design and concept, but very efficient and practical. I have gotten tired of my laceweight yarns getting stuck in my umbrella swift. This one is the large size. I could have made one and have seen plans in various places but this was really not much more than what it would have cost for me to make one. It comes apart so is fairly compact, though long. I think I am going to sew up a bag to store it in, just to keep the wood from getting too banged and dent.
I had several things to wind and the kids were fascinated. The girls in particular are always interested in my fibery adventures and D asked me when we could start practicing his knitting again. We started doing that for a homeschool project and never got back to it. This year it might be easier as he is a little more coordinated.
A and J being silly and watching. I couldn't get very good pics and it was frustrating! J kept waving her hands fast in the air like flapping little bird wings while I would the yarn.
This is some Blue Faced Leicester from a hand dyed roving from Winderwood Farm on eBay. I noticed they don't have any of their hand dyed fibers on there site right now...I hope that is just a temporary thing. Their colors and fibers are really gorgeous. This happened to be a rainbow roving but there are others in subtle and varied hues that could make a color fanatic drool! :o)
J, D, and A all took turns winding the yarn into balls and they took their jobs very seriously. They look like they are being punished in the pictures! They weren't! Just mesmerized!
J winding purple "'cause purple is mommy's favorite color and my favorite color, 'cause we like purple."
D winds while J studies the movement. I couldn't believe how quiet they got while doing this. I think I may re-skein my yarns on the niddy noddy so when it gets too noisy around here I will just bring out the skein winder and have them take turns winding balls! LOL
A, waiting patiently for her turn. That's her little people bus and her "Maggie" in her lap.
I know I said this in a couple posts ago, but I know I owe a few of you emails. I am just behind from three weeks of crud in our household and someone turns 6 tomorrow, so that is keeping me busy! Six years ago today I was in pain and misery, thinking that boy was never going to enter the world! Six years ago tomorrow I was still in pain and misery but even the grog of an urgent C-section couldn't steal my joy at seeing my little man with my Daddy's cleft chin and my Grandpa's pouty expression on his face! Today he is much taller than a six year old should be and looks half like my Dad and half like hubby! Not a bad combo.


Carissa said...

How cute! B loves to join me in my fibery adventures too! I think that is the same roving that I used to spin the yarn for Kimberly's socks for the A Life Overflowing exchange. It was a joy to spin. You're right, they do have some pretty colorways! Yours looks great!

Heather said...

Happy Birthday D!!!!!! :)

And those pics are great!!!