Tuesday, September 25, 2007


In spite of being a "fiber snob", there are sometimes when acrylic works fine...little kids' slippers is one of those times. My Mom made me slippers like this when I was a kid and this was one of my first "real" knitting projects. In the winter our place gets pretty cold due to lack of insulation. The kids are always playing with their socks and I thought it would be a good time to knit some slippers. So we took a trip to Michael's and we got these duo-tone pink yarns for A, dark and light purple for J and dark and light blue for D. They are sooooooo EXCITED! Sunday night I was knitting on A's first slipper and Monday morning the first thing she wanted to know was whether or not her slippers were finished. Yesterday I put the pom poms on and finished them. I took them with me to Joyous Crafters at church last night...you should have seen her big crocodile tears when she learned that I was taking them with me! :o)
This picture shows D and J feeling the pom poms. They were fasicnated with them. The pattern is not exactly the same as the one my Mom and Grandma and I used, but it is close. I used my little apple green plastic Boye needles...my first pair that Grandma Hopkins gave me in the winter of 1971-1972 when she taught me how to knit! :o)


Carissa said...

How cute! I can never get my pompoms to look like that! B loves the slippers that I made too, and I need to make some new ones since the others are getting small. I think little things that we make for the kids are almost always appreciated! Great job!

sherriknits said...

My mom makes those slippers by the hundreds...they are great for in the house, aren't they!