Monday, September 10, 2007

The Forgotten Sock

Here is my sock photo which I forgot to post yesterday. This is some Trekking XXL that I bought in Mendocino on my 40th birthday last year. It was a "Happy Birthday to Me" present! :o) It looks like it's solid but is actually a bit heathery looking. I am a loose knitter so I am knitting with Addi Turbo 000s! Yikes! I'm liking what I am getting so far though. I like having a sock going so that I have something "mindless" to do while I'm waiting for the kids while they are working on their school work. Plain stockinette socks are good for that becuase it doesn't take my attention entirely away and it keeps me from being bored while I am waiting for something to be completed before I correct it or continue teaching.


Carissa said...

The sock looks great! They are nice to have on hand for mindless knitting.

sherriknits said...

I was working with that same colorway just the other day! It was the same yarn Cat Bordhi used for her socks in Vogue Knitting last year.