Sunday, August 31, 2008

Still Knitting...

I can't remember the last time I posted about knitting, but I do still knit. While I was on vacation, I did get to stop a couple places, though it was disappointing that my favorite store in Bellingham, Marilyn's Yarns, closed. The ferry that we took to the Peninsula disembarks in Port Townsend, which is a charming Victorian sea port. The commercial district is geared towards tourists and the hillsides are peppered with authentic Victorian homes, many of which have been featured on various HGTV television shows. North of the town is Fort Worden where An Officer and A Gentleman was filmed. And my step Dad Andy, who is deceased, was there ready to ship out to the Pacific when Pearl Harbor was bombed. Another Hollywood connection is that all the boats for The Pirates of the Caribbean were designed there. My goal was none of these things. My goal was wool! :o)

This is the building where the object of my desires was located.

And charmingly, it was located in an 118 year old building.

I loved the old brick walls.

The shop was a little small and at first I worried it was a bit too yuppy and therefore would also be too pricey and worse yet, too snobby. However, the lady who worked there was really nice and even would my skein for me and wrapped it in a piece of lavender tissue paper!

Here is the object of my affections - Socks That Rock medium weight in the colorway Gypsum. I really liked that ceramic sheep. It was hollow. In my opinion it should have been a piggy bank to save your change for stash enhancement! lol

When I was in Sequim, I purchased this Romney roving. In reality it is a little bit rosier than this photo shows. 8 oz for ?? Not sure what I will do with it yet.

Near my Mom's there is a little store called Lynda's that carries quilting fabrics and supplies and knitting. She had these two lovely skeins which are perfect for a shrug pattern I have for the girls. I also bought some blue "Pacapeds" sock yarn which I can't locate at the moment to photograph. (The bum knee has kept me from unpacking much.)

I also went to a store in Lynden, a Dutch tourist and farming community near my parents. This store was unique in that it was combined with a store that sold previously owned quality clothing and accessories. The yarns and supplies were also from peoples' stashes, estates or closeouts. This is lovely heathered Country Classics Yarn for Sox in Blue Jean. It's destined to become hiking socks for me!

And this is what I started with the Socks That Rock pictured above. I tried a couple other things first that I didn't like and I was not sure about this first, but it's growing on me and helps me keep my hands busy when I am elevating and icing my leg!

The pattern is Art Yarns' Diamond Modular Scarf designed by Iris Schreier.


Amy said...

Oh that's so pretty!! I guess that applies to everything really but I do like how your scarf pattern is turning out! :)

Scrabblequeen said...

Looks like your trip was sucessful in many ways. Missed you yesterday. Hope that knee behaves soon.