Saturday, August 23, 2008

Hurricane Ridge Part Two

If it seems like you have seen some of these things before, you have! Hubby and I went to these places on our honeymoon trip last week and we are having even more fun sharing them with our kiddos. Strange I know... but we love being a family, even with all the idiosyncrasies, whining, sticky hands and eternally long potty stops (you just try to get two 5 year olds and a 6 year old to the potty and their hands washed in a timely manner! lol). The kids enjoy exploring out doors and have their moments of being bored or whiny, but are really having a lot of fun.

I'm learning some new things digitally in processing my images and trying to learn Nikon Raw format conversions in PS Elements 6. I'm doing it all on my own and hit or miss. Anyone have any advice? It looks great in the Raw converter then some of them when they come up on the screen here are horrible and look over worked and over pixelated! Yuck! Also, I am doing super low resolution images (and have been for awhile) because I post so many pictures. The files need to be small for readers to download and so that I can fit many images on. If there is anyone photo/blog/computer savvy out there who can help me, I'd be much obliged.

Anyway, today we headed back up to Hurricane Ridge which was much nicer without the road crews working and all the fog. It was like a whole different place than last week.

Some of the flowers that had been there before were now gone, but others had bloomed in their stead. I love how God plants!


The Olympic Mountains are incredibly beautiful and the panoramic views at Hurricane Ridge are especially awesome!

Before taking too many pictures we had lunch of home made bagels and snacks. A, J, D and Hubby. I'm on the bench opposite with my bum leg elevated!

I took about 7 GB of photos, shooting mainly in Nikon Raw format, so about 1000 photos. I'm still learning my camera and settings. (slow learner!) This is Mount Olympus.

Hubby, J, A and D went exploring for awhile as I rested my leg on another bench and offered to take pictures of couples and groups who were at the same view point. I always appreciate when people do that for me, so I offer to do for them.

J and A laughing in the wind, they don't call it Hurricane Ridge for nothing!

Mom with A and J. This photo was taken by a really nice teenage boy who I had a great photo conversation with. It was so refreshing to talk to a young person who didn't have a bad attitude and who could articulate. He enjoyed checking out my lens, which he wants to buy for his Nikon D200. We discussed the D300 and D700... on that want list... you know the one... the one that is just a far, far, far away dream! lol

It's fairly common to see deer at Hurricane Ridge. But, today, we saw a LOT - we lost count, but at least 20. It was really fun. Some were close enough to touch...but I didn't. I also don't follow and harass them. They come right up by you. They seemed to love the foliage of the pearly everlasting. Many of the does sought it out. While I was taking pictures of does on one side, Hubby and the kids watched a buck and a doe on the other.

D had some binoculars from Grandma and Grandpa and he enjoyed using them to watch a doe and fawn on the ridge, down hill from us.

This is one of those pictures that turned out kind of pixellated looking and funny. But it is such a rare thing that we actually got all five of us in one shot semi normal. :o) J, A, Hubby, Me and D.

The Olympic National Park is a magical place!

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