Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Honeymoon Part One

Note to bloggy friends and family: We will be chronicling our journey on our "honeymoon" so that our kids can see what we are experiencing each day. But, I haven't finished blogging aspects of our previous adventures, so there will likely be posts non-chronologically dispersed in between our honeymoon posts. Also, I'm blogging in various locations and conditions, so hopefully the pictures will look okay. Sometimes it is hard to tell on a lap top. Please let me know if the pictures are turning out unusually dark or light.

Hi Boogie, Dolly Girl and Gator Girlie! Mommy and Daddy got up very early to catch a ferry. You were all sleeping snuggled in your beds when we left at 5:10 AM but we kissed you all and Mommy whispered in your ears how much I love you!

The sun was just waking up as we began our journey and when we got to Pass Lake on Fidalgo Island, we saw this beautiful reflection. We also so a fish rise (jump to the water surface), which make concentric circles (rings in increasing sizes) on the water. As you can imagine, Daddy was happy to see a fish! :o)

Next we saw this bridge at Deception Pass. It connects Fidalgo Island to Whidbey Island.

The sun was rising in the east and making pretty light and colors.

Mommy and Daddy had fun taking pictures. This kind of light makes good photographs.

This is what the water and islands looked like in the early morning sun. When we got to Oak Harbor, we had breakfast at Mc Donald's, but we ate it in the car. We had to make reservations for the ferry and needed to be there at a certain time. We made it in time to take a little break to call you from the beach.

These are the pilings - special logs that keep the ferry from crashing into the dock. The water was very still with no wind, so it made very pretty reflections.

There is a campground on the other side of the ferry dock. Mommy went camping here when she was a little girl with one of her friends from her 4th grade class.

After our walk, Mommy started a new knitting project while Daddy took a nap (and a picture!).

Because we took such an early ferry, we had a lot of time to do things. First we went to lunch at El Cazador, a Mexican restaurant. We had fried ice cream with strawberry sauce for dessert. We ate this out on the patio. It was nice to breathe the fresh clean air. After that we went to see Cedarbrook Lavender and Herb Farm where Mommy photographed lots of pretty flowers.

All these purple flowers are different types of lavender. Maybe you saw some lavender at our house. Mommy puts it in her wool so the moths won't eat it. It has a pretty smell and you can even it. Mommy bought some lavender to make a special kind of biscuit called "scones". We will try that when we go home. I bet you didn't know that you could eat a flower, huh?!

This is a very old garden shed in the back of the fields. It is so old that there is a lot of moss growing on the roof. Remember the moss we saw in the forest?

Daddy is such a great guy - even though flowers are not his favorite thing, he sat and sketched while Mommy took pictures.

Sequim, Washington is known as the Lavender Capitol of North America. There is a mild, Mediterranean climate here similar to where we live at home with only 15" of rain a year.

I don't know what these were but they made a pretty pattern. Do any of my readers know?

Daddy drawing in his sketchbook.

This passage way reminded me of the book, The Secret Garden.

This is the lavender, cut and hanging upside down to dry so that people can enjoy it's smell.

Inside the house was a little gift shop. The house is historic, having belonged to the Bell family, the first white settlers in the area. On this wall you can see some of the family photographs.

This barn was just down the hill and probably belonged to the house at one point in time. It is an interesting place where the countryside is intermixed with the city.

Mommy and Daddy drove around and looked at the city of Sequim and also Port Angeles. We took these pictures of the ocean from the top of the hill. The area is very nice and we are asking God if this might be the place He wants us to move. Maybe you kids could pray that God would show us where He wants us to go. If we lived here we would be right next to mountains and the ocean and we would only be about 2 hours from La Push where we stayed with Aunt Shelley a couple weeks ago. That would be closer than it is for us to drive to Goat Rock Beach from home.

We also looked at some manufactured homes. This area has a lot of open land and several kinds of manufactured homes. Remember when we went and looked in the houses? Mommy liked this one because it had this sewing and craft room! :o) The rest of the house was too small for us but we did find some that were really nice. If we move here we would like to find a place with grass and where we can plant trees like at Grandma and Grandpa's. Wouldn't that be fun?

Mommy and Daddy are staying at this place. This is our bed. Outside is a beautiful garden and bird feeders with lots of birds. Today we are going to the mountains. We hope you had fun on your ferry ride.

We have these pretty flowers in our bathroom here. They are painted on the wall. Do you see the hummingbird and butterflies?

Mommy and Daddy love all three of you very much!!! Don't forget it. Remember if you get lonesome, just ask Jesus to comfort you and be with you and you can always talk to Grandma and Grandpa. Be good for them and have fun! We love you - Mommy and Daddy


Marci said...

Theresa, I sure hope you and your sweetheart enjoy the time together. I love it that you are able to send the pictures and the notes to the children.

Anonymous said...

that place looks amazing!

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Wool Winder said...

The photos in the early morning light are spectacular!

A possible move on the horizon? That's exciting.

Dorothy said...

What beautiful pictures. Sounds as if you are having a relaxing time. You drove right by my driveway on the way to the ferry! Did you wave? Hope we can meet up on Sunday. I think those yellow flowers are some relation to lavender. We saw some at the lavender farm here and I almost bought some, but can't remember the name. I'm praying that a move will be on the horizon for you if it is God's will. I can't imagine a better place to live.

Lynette said...

Can smell the lavender & ocean from.
Hi J, A & D...hope you are having loads of fun now that your parents are gone ha ha :o)
Your friend, Lynette

SNOWBIRD said...

What lovely pictures for you and Hubby and children to enjoy in the many years to come! May you have many more anniversaries to share with each other. God bless you both and your family!