Monday, August 04, 2008


At the beginning of July I sent out an email asking my cousin Wendy, what day would be better for her to come to a family gathering. I was "taking a poll" and then Mom and I would decided what would work best for everyone. My cousin Mark's wife, Brenda, my cousin Wendy and I have been emailing each other since we got together at Grandma Hopkins' funeral in 2002. We talk about life, girl stuff and whatever happens to come to mind. Brenda also received the email even though she lives in North Carolina - it feels weird if I just email it to Wendy, like we are talking behind Brenda's back.

Well, unbeknownst to me (and everyone else in the family), Wendy and Brenda began scheming. The result is:

Left to Right: Brenda, Mark and Wendy

I kept watching for Wendy and her husband to drive up in their pickup, but a black Dodge Charger pulled in the drive. Then, people started getting out of the car and several of us just dropped our jaws wide open in true Grandma Hopkins style, as we realized that the people were Mark and Brenda! I was in such shock that I could not even cry the tears I wanted to cry! :o) These precious people took time out of their busy lives and flew in Friday. (I wondered why an email to Brenda's work was returned that she was out of the office! lol) Marilyn, my Mom's sister and Mark and Wendy's Mom, is SDA. So Saturday morning and Mark and Brenda walked into church and up to her in the pew and said, "May I sit here?" Thankfully no heart attacks occurred during all these surprises! lol

Previously, whenever Mark and Brenda came home, we could not afford to go to Washington. And whenever we were up, they weren't. So, we haven't seen each other since Grandma Hopkins' funeral when D was only 3 months old. It was so strange that earlier in the morning Sunday, I had thought, "Oh Good! We can get a picture of all the Hopkins 'girls' together - oh, too bad Brenda won't be here!" Then, there she was! :o) It made me miss Hubby even more. He still has one more class at U of P on Thursday so has to hang around for 5 days to do that.

Well, people weren't too thrilled with me, but I got everyone together and used Grandpa's tripod and took several group pictures. L to R, Theresa, D, Grandpa Jack, Mom (Ruth) with A, Aunt Grace, Aunt Marilyn, Uncle Bill (aka Uncle Doodlebug), J, Brenda, Mark and Wendy. For the last family picture we were all a little puffy eyed at Grandma's funeral and we had to sing "Jesus Loves Me" to keep Baby D from crying! :o)

And here are the "Hopkins Girls" - Ruth, Grace with A, Theresa, Marilyn with J, Brenda and Wendy.

I still can't believe that Mark and Brenda came! What a blessing! :o) Thank you Lord! Thank you Wendy and Brenda for the great and complete SURPRISE!!!

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Marci said...

I am so thrilled you got such a nice surprise. What fun!!!!