Thursday, August 28, 2008

Family Dinner

I'm trying to start catching up on posts. This lovely day occurred Sunday, August 3rd. Here J in aqua, A in pink and D sit at the kiddy table waiting of Aunties and Uncle to arrive and Cousin W. We planned a family dinner while I was here so that I could see everyone. While Grandma Hopkins was alive, she was the "reigning matriarch" of our family, every bit as regal as England's Queen Mum. Family dinners occurred at least twice a year - Thanksgiving and Mother's Day and generally at her home. Thanksgivings have just not been the same without her! But when did this happen? It used to be Cousin W, Cousin M and me at the kiddy table! :o)

First, Uncle Doodlebug drove in with his lovely wife, Auntie M, Mom's middle sister and Auntie G, Mom's oldest sister. Auntie G made these pickles which were quite the hit. Some even threatened violence to obtain more than their fair share! We wondered when Cousin W would arrive.

Here is A, getting acquainted with the family.

Poor J with her black eye from running into Grandma's counter top corner.

And Mr. D. hanging out waiting for the action to start.

Here is Auntie G. wearing one of her shirts from Africa. She has traveled all around the world, photographing, sketching and painting as she went. For many years she taught oil painting through the Boeing Art Club and other venues in the Seattle area. She has been instrumental in teaching me composition and other photography skills.

Well, Sneaky Cousin W finally arrived, but not in her pretty blue Dodge pick up but in a big black rental car driven by her brother, my cousin M and accompanied by M's lovely wife, my cousin B! WOW! What a shock! They came all the way from North Carolina and they really blessed my socks off!

The only sad note of the day was that Hubby was not there. :o( He was still in CA teaching school.

Here we are... all the Hopkins Girls... My Mom and her sisters, we cousins and my daughters, the next generation.

B, M and W being silly.

Auntie M's family.

My family can be stinkers about having their picture taken. I suppose it could be the "paparazzi effect" that happens whenever we all gather together. So, I just take pics anyway. Here B is hamming for the camera since most table pics show us with forks mid air or mouths mid chew anyway! lol

D wanted to show cousin M his Lego magazines. He gets very excited when anyone wants to discuss Legos.

Cousin W... the sneaky girl! :o)

Auntie G and Mom, laughing til they cried over something... hmm... can't remember what now!

Rhubarb is taken seriously in Auntie M's family. Here B gathers while Jack cuts.

Every job needs at least two supervisors, right?!

J, A and D go off exploring with their "bee-knock-lee-urs".

Then there was the attempt to get the three sisters together. L to R they are in age order. My Mom is the baby. What was the big secret Auntie M?

Here Auntie M is trying to maintain composure.

Whatever the peanut gallery was saying must have been funny. She's losing it! lol

Go ahead, let it out! Laugh!

Okay, back to business, G, M and R.

M and B

Saying good bye to Uncle Doodlebug, Auntie M and Auntie G.

Then it was time to say good bye to Cousin B.

Okay, one more hug! :o)

What one does, we all need to do!

I love this picture of B with A, J and D. It was too crowded for J, so she hopped out after this was taken. Something was mentioned about taking the kids home with them. And J thought that they were going to take A and D. J clouded over, "I don't want them to take them!" We assured her that our family was not going to be split apart!

Mom and Cousin M.

Goodbye! Good bye means "God Be With Ye" in old English. It's quite fitting. The time was all too short and the gift of your presence was awesome! Thank you!!!

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Marci said...

It looks like you had a wonderful time with family. I am sure you are glad to be home.