Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Honeymoon Day 2

Hi Guys! Mommy and Daddy started out the day with a wonderful breakfast of Banana Nut bread, an organic fruit plate and a Belgium Waffle! Nummy. Afterwards, we relaxed a little bit before starting out for the day.

This is the front of the house where we are staying. Isn't it pretty?

First we stopped at a yarn store called "A Dropped Stitch". It is located in an historic building which was the town hall of Sequim, built in 1914. I bought some pretty heathered lavender and blue wool to spin.

After the important stuff was done (mommy's knitting fix and daddy filled the tank with gas!) we drove up a mountain to a place called Hurricane Ridge. Hurricane Ridge is in the same park, Olympic National Park, as the forest we went to with Aunt Shelley and the beach where we watched the sunset.

First we stopped at the ranger station. They had a log cabin there and that reminded me of you D!

This cabin is probably very much like the first one that Pa made for Laura and the family on the prairie.

I took this picture D so you could see how the logs fit together.

This is inside the cabin - pretty small!

The gliding rocking chair is just like the one my Grandma Hopkins used to sit in to read her Bible.

It was a slow trip up the mountain as they were putting in a new road. You would have had fun seeing all the working machines! Mommy enjoyed all the wild flowers.

Daddy took this picture of me when I was excited about all the flowers - wildflowers are Mommy's favorite thing to photograph! There were more wildflowers this year than I have seen in other years at this same time.

My flower book is still packed in the trunk, but I believe this is a Harebell. I'll have to look it up. Isn't it pretty girls?

This is just part of the view at Hurricane Ridge. There was not enough sunlight to get really pretty pictures but we had fun and enjoyed anyway.

When we got out of the car, we saw this young buck - boy deer - who was a "2 point" which means he had two points on each side of his antlers so probably about 2 years old. We could tell that it has been a good year with lots of plants for the deer to eat because he is nice and healthy with thick fur and not too skinny. In years when it is dry and not many plants grow, there is not much for the deer to eat and they become skinny and their hair is not so thick and healthy looking.

Do you see the snow on the ground? This is left over from the winter. If all the clouds weren't there, we could see all the way to Canada.

Lupine has always been one of Mommy's favorites... probably because it is my favorite color. There was a lot in bloom at the Ridge.

Here is Daddy taking pictures of wildflowers too.

Look what we saw next! Isn't she pretty. She is a young "doe" or girl deer. She came right by Mommy on the trail. If she were not a wild animal, I could have pet her.

Here she is getting ready to cross the trail. All together we saw 10 deer - 2 bucks, 2 fawns and 6 does. Our favorite were the fawns, or baby deer. They were so cute. When they look so cute it's hard to remember that we should not touch or feed them. They look cuddly, but they are wild animals.

We had lots of fog, which looked pretty through the trees.

These are the Olympic Mountains.

Here is Daddy at the top of the Ridge.

Here is Mommy in front of the mountains. Daddy tried to do some drawing right after he took this but it started to rain! :o( So, we drove down the mountain slowly in pea soup fog!
Later we went to a nice Italian Restaurant in Port Angeles for dinner. That's where we called you and heard about your exciting day on the ferry boat with Grandma and Grandpa and shopping in Friday Harbor. The Huckleberry Ice Cream sounds great! We love you very much and we'll call you today. In a few minutes we are heading out to La Push.


Amy said...

Catching up on your vacation pictures - how beautiful! You can't beat Oregon and Washington for beauty can you?
How nice to be cool - today it will be 103 - ugh!

Wool Winder said...

I love the picture of the doe looking right into the camera lens!

Marci said...

The scenery is absolutely breathtaking!!!! I love the flower pictures, but the mountain pictures are my favorite!!

Anonymous said...

So beautiful -- what a treat to be able to see God's handiwork up close like that!

Thank you for sharing it with us!

kymk99 said...

Looks like you are having an absolutely incredible time! Thanks for sharing all of these photos. I am sure it is a lot cooler where you are right now!

Yvonne :o)

SNOWBIRD said...

Happy Honeymoon-Anniversary to you both! The pictures are absolutely beautiful and could be postcards! Praise God that he has given us such beauty to enjoy!

Deborah said...

What great pictures. (Of course.) I pray you guys have a fabulous time! What a lovely place to be. I miss being able to escape the summer heat in the mountains from time to time.