Friday, August 22, 2008

Family Day

Today we all headed to Rialto Beach... AGAIN. It was so beautiful. I'm exhausted. Knee still swollen and in pain 9 days later. It's worst in the car. Not fun. Hopefully it will make it home until I can see my doctor. Before I headed for dream land, I thought I'd post this picture that a kind soul took for us. One of the few halfway decent shots of our whole family. A, D and J in the front. I sat on a log (and got soaked by a HUGE wave! lol) while everyone else ran around and had fun. It was relaxing just to watch the surf and my kids.
I am now officially eternally behind in blogging, but oh well. I'm having fun.


Debby said...

Great family picture! I am so glad you are and have had a great trip. I'm a little jealous...the beach is my favorite place.

Marci said...

What a wonderful family picture. It looks like you all dressed for a family picture. Thanks for sharing your honeymoon with all of us!! =)