Saturday, February 24, 2007


Sisters A and J watch as D tells Miss L and "all the people" that he asked Jesus into his heart!
A listening to music
D and J listen to Miss S, D's Sunday School teacher
My handsome little man!
Last weekend our church had a celebration of the first year anniversary of being in the new wing of the building that is for children's ministry. Pastor Mike has also been teaching from The Treasure Principle by Randy Alcorn and L, our Children's Ministry Director (overworked, underpaid and probably doesn't get thanked enough for the AWESOME job she does!!!) related how the children are one of the best treasures we have in our church. She also emphasized that having Jesus in our heart is the greatest treasure of all. She "interviewed" D, asking him questions and D had no fears whatsoever, speaking in the microphone "to all the people" as he put it. He kept saying "all the people" as if that was one single identity. :o) He shared with all the people that he "asked Jesus to be in his heart".
Some might thing that he does not understand but there truly is a reason that Jesus tells us we need to have the faith of a just believe God and take Him for His word, not doubting and fearing, just believing. We have noticed a change in D over this last month or so. Yes he is still a little boy who is often times naughty. But, he honestly does have an awareness of right and wrong and often asks to "talk to God" about things. He has even been trying to read his Bible and has pretty much learned how to read the first chapter of the book of John. It is so precious to me that he can do some of the things he can do. I think back to my childhood and my fears and anxieties which stemmed mainly from other people making fun of me or telling me what I could or could not do. D has been somewhat sheltered but still, he has not had those experiences with other children yet. No one has told him he should be shy with the microphone in front of the congregation, so he is not. No one has told him he is too young and doesn't know how to read well enough to read his Bible, so because he wants to he does. It reminds me of the weight of our words and how important my job is to season my words for my children with grace! Correct them, yes! Discipline them, yes! But the words I choose have power to steer young souls...please God direct us and give us wisdom in teaching our children.
And this experience was good for D. The Bible says that we come to God by "believing in our hearts and confessing with our mouths that Jesus is Lord." This gave D the chance to testify to his new and growing faith, to confess with his mouth that Jesus is Lord of his life!


Marguerite said...

Wonderful pictures of a great day. Welcome your little man to the family of God for me.

Lynette said...

Sweet, adoreable pictures (of the kids). It is a day that will live forever in my mind. Thank you for your kind words, miss you all yesterday. Miss L