Saturday, February 24, 2007


Last Saturday before I got really sick, I had to run to the store and I brought my camera with me. Previously I had seen these beautiful blooming fruit trees in an industrial park near us. So, I had to go back with my camera to get some pictures.
While I was there a security guard came out to ask what I was doing. I just explained that I loved the flowers and wanted to photograph them, then they were okay but still watched me.
The trees seem to have an overabundance of blooms this year.
Wouldn't it be nice to take your lunch break from work and walk through here?
It reminded me a little of Anne of Green Gables when she says that the name of the road is too ordinary and should be called something like the Great Way of White Delight because of all the beautiful blossoms.
So I went to Home Depot because I had a coupon for paint sale (bedroom redecorating during spring break) and I bought a half flat of pansies.
I always love pansies because of the colors. Each one is like a mini masterpiece from God and to me their coloring is just as lovely as an orchid!
Here is one of the completed planters. I also planted my bulbs which were growing without being in soil. I figured there would be nothing lost by trying to see if they would still come up. So far they look pretty good and many are already poking out of the soil. They are mostly tulips but some daffodils. They were all mixed up when I took them out last year so I don't know what is what. That is a little disappointing because I did love having one or two with all deep purple or all pink. But a little surprise is fun too!
Here is D taking a picture of me taking a picture of him. We have lots of pictures like this in our family but this is the first one from this generation!
These are my helpers, J, A and D. They had been playing out in their sandbox in the back but it was more fun to "help" Mom and they were of course very cute about it!

The final product! Doesn't look like too much but we don't have a real yard so we "bloom where we are planted"! :o) I always like to take a picture at the beginning of the season because it amazes me every year how much it changes. This is the front walk and patio.


Eve/Divine Fibers & Yarn said...

Oh you are killing me with spring photos... LOL

The flowering trees, makes me impatient to see my cherry trees in bloom. But we still have snow on the ground... brrrr!

I love all the photos, nice garden and cute little gardeners.

Carissa said...

What great pictures! I hope to have some gardening pictures like that in a few months too! You have some very cute helpers!