Friday, February 23, 2007

Apple Hill

Okay, indulge me here...or I should say indulge my Mom because every time there is a picture of me on the blog...that's for her! LOL The cute one in the pictures is my hubby! We have been thoroughly blessed by God in many ways. Sometimes His blessings come as a surprise. I think we often feel like His blessings will be "good for us" know like when you have to eat your veggies because they are good for you too! LOL I guess what I mean is that we feel if there is something you really want for yourself that won't happen because you are being selfish. And no, God is not a cosmic Santa Claus, but He is also not a spoiled sport and I honestly think that He finds joy in blessing His children in many ways. Well, you can see what we are holding, right? Well God blessed us through another friend who gave us money to be able to purchase a Nikon D40 SLR for my husband and a D80 for myself. We are both very excited. And I really love that hubby and I can do this together! :o) And btw, another blessing...the jacket I'm wearing in the photo is a cotton/Lycra corduroy that I got for $11.98 on clearance...that just never happens in my size. Mom it reminds me both of the corduroy shirt Grandma had in her closet on the back porch and of the corduroy blazer I had for my first year of high school in 1980 when the preppy style was all the rage! LOL

So, after church a couple weeks ago we took advantage of the break in the rain and we made a run up to Apple Hill. If you have read my blog long, you know that is a short drive from us and just far enough out of the city to start relaxing and enjoying ourselves a little bit. City life can be so claustrophobic at times!
Of course one of our motivators for going is
scrumptious apple donuts! They were just about out so we had to settle for some apple brownies. Sounds weird...but they taste awesome!
Click any of the pics to see them larger. D is not very happy in this pic because he thought he was getting all of the HUGE brownie to himself! :o) He takes his food VERY if we could just get him to eat more variety I would be happy! J is in the purple, A in the pink. As you saw in the picture above they had a fire going. It made me a little homesick seeing and smelling apple wood burn as my Grandma Hopkins often burned apple wood.

Here is A in the car...wanted to show Grandma her pretty leggings! :o) I love this farmhouse and land here. It is always kept so nice.
We did some shopping on the way home and in the parking lot we saw this pickup with 4 Alaskan Malamutes (one of my favorite breeds of dogs), so I took this picture to show Shelley

And we ended the day with a sunset in the Kmart parking lot. It was weird too because there were people in the parking lot giving me really dirty looks. Everywhere I go and take pics with my new camera I get lots of strange looks. I don't know if this is a post 9/11 thing were people are a little cautious about things like this or not? I never had this happen before when I used my film camera. I guess I will have to be careful and cautious myself. Has anyone else had this happen?

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