Sunday, February 04, 2007

Anne Girls

I LOVE Anne of Green Gables! I loved reading every book in the series, ending with young Marilla's story and I wished that they never ended. As an adult the movies came out and I've watched them repeated "spellbound"! Maybe I can relate to Anne. I always wrote as a girl and though I wasn't an orphan, my parents were divorced and when my brother died I became an only child. I felt alone and always longed for a "kindred spirit" or a "bosom friend" as Anne would say. And I liked to write a lot. I especially enjoyed how Anne saw the world through starry eyes and then described it so that nothing was ordinary. My Grandma Hopkins had a little of this quality. Later I read other books by L.M. Montgomery including the Emily of New Moon trilogy. If you have girls, I highly recommend these. Boys would probably even enjoy the movie. Shhh! Don't tell anyone but my hubby will even occasionally watch Anne with me! :o)

Imagine my surprise when I was in Walmart a couple weeks ago and I found a cartoon of Anne also produced by Kevin Sullivan in the $3.88 bin! (You can get most of his movies and stuff at Sullivan Boutique) We've had an awful lot of long days while Daddy is at classes and meetings for work or events for the men's group at church, so I pulled that DVD out and played it for the kids this week. The girls were can see them in their pjs above...they wouldn't move from the tv, they loved it! The next couple days they kept asking "Watch Anne?" (A on left and J on right)

While the cartoon doesn't follow the story of the book or the movie closely, it does capture the essence of Anne. My heart skipped a little beat in excitement! I can't wait until the girls are old enough to watch the real movie with me...I want to see the thrill on their faces when they see it the first time! And even before then, I think I will have them read the books so they can imagine in their mind how Anne must be and then watch the movie! That'll be a few years down the road though!

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