Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Spinning Wheel

These are pictures of my Ashford Traditional Double Drive spinning wheel, which is no longer my spinning wheel! Today it is on it's way across the country to my new friend Irene who has just learned how to spindle spin and wants to learn on a wheel too. Sadly, she is blogless, but if I know our mutual friend Deborah...she won't stay that way long! LOL

This wheel was purchased for me by my Aunt Grace in 1993. It is the first wheel I owned but the second wheel I have spun with, the first being a Louet which I rented and loved. But we have very little space and since I have my Lendrum upright which takes less space, I need to say goodbye to this old friend. I learned a lot on this wheel and I hope Irene will enjoy it too.

Irene the flash makes the wood look a little bit shinier but I think it also shows how nice it could look if it is sanded and varnished or waxed. It does need a little tlc and it needs oiling but it should be fine.

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Caroline said...

Don't forget to include the hex key/screwdriver combo, and remind her to tighten those joints on a regular basis. I had a friend with a rickety Traveler who was convinced her wheel was falling apart (and couldn't stop the squeaking) until I tightened those buttons with the hex-key. Did you figure out how to pop that axle-pin out with a skinny nail?