Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Wellness Wednesday #19

Hello Everyone! I better type fast because blogger has a scheduled outage tonight, that I didn't know about.

We have been having a fun day in our little Pathfinder Academy here. We are learning about science and Creation. Today the kids planted their sunflower seeds in a cup and we also planted 50 peat cups with flower seeds which will be transplanted to our yard. Afterwards we prayed that God would bless our flowers and help them grow. When we opened our eyes A said, "They're NOT growing! How come?!"

At the time I laughed and told her it takes time. We will not be able to plant them and see blooms for about two months. At almost 5 this is hard to understand.

Then I realized at almost 42, this is hard to understand! I stepped on the scale today and I am still at 314#! Sure there was that cheeseburger, shake and fries at In and Out on Monday (out with the kids for lots of errands), but there were all those other days when I only ate two meals (just because my stomach is not so hungry still after being sick). Oh, yeah, maybe those awesome cookies we made on the weekend (but they were whole wheat and sucanat), but I didn't eat that many! Why doesn't the needle move down? Why haven't I lost weight yet?

Oh, exercise! That's the piece I'm missing! My lungs are still playing catchup post influenza and are bogged down with all the tree pollens too, so I haven't started walking yet. I need to walk. My body is telling me it wants to exercise, so that's a good thing but my asthma doctors don't want me to walk in the middle of acute symptoms. Hopefully that will be remedied in a few days. For my readers who pray, will you pray that I get back on track and that my lungs clear so that I can get back to exercise? I think that really makes a difference, even with the minimal amount that I have been doing. I feel better overall.

And kudos to Mom! She got back on the treadmill this morning...spontaneous, unplanned, something quite unusual for her! :o) Pray that she will keep going too.

Here in northern California the sun has come out again. The temps have been in the 60s, the fruit trees are blooming and it's all inviting me to spend more time outside! So, I think the kids and I might start walking outside in the mornings, when I can.

What are you doing for exercise? It doesn't have to be a formal program or very strenuous, but exercise is good for all ages. It gets your blood, lymph and digestive systems working more efficiently, it oxygenates your body, it builds up muscle which strengthens your body in many ways and it reduces fat - the best side effect!

So, what do you say? Let's get moving! When I check back with you next week, I hope to report some exercise...and it would be nice if a pound or too dropped as well! :o)


Teresa said...

I'm glad to see you're feeling better! Hopefully those nice spring temps will help things along! It's very cold here today and a bit breezy.

Abigail said...

Glad your feeling better.

I answer to your question, I use Walk away the pounds with Leslie Sansone.

I have kept off the weight and its so easy to do. I'm one of those who is uncoordinated so no dance steps for me.

She has a web site that you can google. Just don't by any dvds older the 2000, they are really the pits.

Deborah said...

Gardening, rearing baby chickens and Spring cleaning around the house have been my exercise the last couple of weeks. Only problem is that I am taking so much aspirin for sore muscles that I've been gaining weight. Sigh. (Too toxic for me; I have a love/hate relationship with Excedrin.)