Saturday, February 16, 2008


The weather is so nice outside with blue skies and temps in the 60s. In spite of still fighting this crud, I got my nose out for a few minutes and enjoyed the fresh air and sunshine. First, some kid pics for Grandma:

Here's D all ready to go to the library. This is one of the kids' favorite treats. These are the books going back and this week's selections were all how to draw books.

Here is A posing with her kitty and her crocheted hat from Thailand.

And this is Miss J with her kitty. This is the best and most decorated kitty in all the years of kittyness! lol She has scraps from my sewing and bits from doll and dress up clothes and a knit dishcloth just for good measure. J is like a racoon or a crow, looking for the shiny and pretty bits for her collection! She should be a collage artist!

This crazy rose bud is on a one inch stem way at the base of a big rose.

And this pink and white one was a nice treat today, glorious in the sunshine.

Red is so difficult to photograph but this is my Ingrid Bergman rose which is a true, deep, dark red, not as orangey or as magenta as this looks.

I enjoyed the light coming through the leaves on some of my other roses and geraniums.

And their shadows and bird seeds made art on the concrete canvas too!

The birds didn't like me being out there because it interrupted their eating schedule, but this little house finch waited patiently until I left.

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Theresa said...

Your roses are so beautiful! I didn't bring any of mine from S.C., so I'm hoping to find some I like to plant here in GA.