Monday, February 18, 2008

ABC Along 2008 - C

I am a little late getting my ABC Along C post up, but we have been a household of sickies and things are just starting to be back to normal now.

C is for Cow. This is Jutta, my friend in German, petting this cow on a hike in the alps in the Algau area of southern Germany, July 1984.

C is for Cow again...this is a Highland Cow, doesn't he look happy?! He came from the place in the next picture...

C is for Castle...this one is Glamis Castle in Scotland. June 1994

And this is part of Edinburgh Castle in Edinburgh, Scotland. June 1994

And this Castle is in Sued Tirol/South Tyrol which is northern Italy. July 1984.

C is for cross where Jesus died. This is a beautiful cross in Edinburgh, Scotland.

C is for Celtic Cross. This one was in a cemetery near Pitlochry, Scotland, June 1994.

C is for Church and churchyard and cemetery. Pitlochry, Scotland, June 1994.

C is also for countryside which also has a cross and church in the distance. Pfronten, Germany, July 1984.

C is for Cathedral. This is York Minster in York, England, June 1994.

C is for clown. Octoberfest, Leavenworth, WA, October 1983.

C is for Carousel in Doncaster, England, June 1994.

C is for Creek...this one flows into Loch Lomond, Scotland, June 1994.

C is for Climb and Clouds. This is Jutta in the German alps. July 1984.

C is for Cakes...these are the desserts made for Jutta's Grandma's 75th birthday party July 15, 1984. These were all homemade. I love German desserts which are not as sweet as American but very rich and full of flavor.

C is for Celebration and China. Here the table is set for a celebratory birthday tea for Oma. July 1984.

C is for China Cupboard where many treasures are stored.

And from my own Oma, here is a page from Grandma Hopkins' hand written Cookbook!

C is for Cookies! These are Oatmeal Spice Cookies.

And C is for Citrus fruits. These are from my friend Trudy's yard.

C is for Columbine and the photo Cards I make.

C is for couch, cotton dishcloths and our new laptop computer which I am using for this blog update while the kids watch Cinderella!

C is for comfy and cozy - I caught the girls in one of their "twin moments" snuggling up together in the chair.

C is also for chair and when we got our new couch recently I had to say goodbye to this old friend where I nursed all my babies and rocked them when they were sick and snuggled them while watching movies. J also learned how to walk by holding on to the recliner lever and swirling it around! It had served us well and it was time to leave, but it was hard to say goodbye!

C is for camellia and Sacramento is the Camellia Capitol of the World, or so they say!

C is for Cat...this is the girls on our trip to the ocean in 2006. I bought them each a stuffed cat as a surprise for the trip. They still carry them around today and are their favorite toys. This pictures cracks me up. They are in the bed at the hotel and held the cats in the same position with their tales sticking up! lol

C is for Coast...we love going to the Pacific coast any chance we can get! This is in the Sonoma Coast State Beaches.

C is for cabin. This sign was painted by my Aunt Grace as a teen for my Grandfather's building business.

C is for Christmas...this was my son D for his first Christmas at age 2.5 months. he was the best gift under the tree and after all Christmas is about the Christ Child.

C is for cousins. These are my nieces Lauren and Chelsea holding D December 2001.

C is for car and camping at Ocean Shores, WA with the Clancy Clan. Photo circa 1959-1960 based on age of my Uncle Jerry, standing in foreground. My Grandma Johnson is sitting in the front seat and Great Grandpa and Grandma Clancy (her parents) are sitting in the back. Mom is this the same station wagon that there are pictures of me in 7 years later in Naches?

C is for corn. This is my Dad in the front and his half brother, Louis Arnel Duren, Jr., whom I've been looking for a long time.

And last but not least, C is for catch. Here is my Grandma Johnson with Uncle Larry and my Dad, probably at Lake Hancock, Washington circa 1950.

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Wool Winder said...

So many wonderful Cs. Your friend was brave to pet the cow. I really like that one.

Lynette said...

Loved "ceeing" all your "c" pictures. What a "cool" idea! Hope you are all feeling better & those nasty "cruds" are out the door!

Thanks for your comment & yes I do feel better. The best I have felt in a couple months. The weight loss is a wonderful prize. 4 more to go to be in a healthy range. Then the hard part keeping it off & not going back to bad habits.