Sunday, February 17, 2008

Getting Back to Knitting

It has been a really long time since I have done any "real" knitting. Part of that has been a bump in the road in my grief journey. Since I knit lace shawls as a prayer shawl ministry, they sometimes go to people who die. Two people receiving one of my shawls died of Ovarian Cancer and this is all interlaced with my own grief and loss journey. Intellectually it doesn't make sense, even to me, but emotionally knitting has been intertwined with death. For several months now my knitting has not held either pleasure or comfort for me and lately I have been just too sick and/or exhausted.

Today however, I made a decision to pick up the Butterfly Shawl and begin knitting. It felt good and as I watched Becoming Jane I knit 5.5 rows on the Butterfly Shawl that I am test knitting for Carissa. That doesn't sound like a lot of knitting, but consider that this is the bottom of the shawl and has over 350 stitches as well as some of the rows being patterned on both sides. In a few more rows I'll be done with the beautiful butterfly border and it will begin decreasing! Yeah! At that point it should progress much more quickly.

As for Becoming Jane, it was enjoyable to watch, but I thought it fell short of its potential. When the movie starts you feel like you have dropped into the middle of something and some of the plot is poorly developed. A great disappointment to me as a photographer was that there was so much potential for the cinematography that was never realized. Still I would reocmmend any Jane lovers see it. It is an interesting glimpse into Jane Austin's life and how fun to have Anne Hathaway play her part after having written her senior English thesis on Jane at Vassar. And I must say I have the best Hubby of all. He watched it with me because he knew how much I wanted to see it and how much I enjoy just being with him, so he gave me that gift of time! Thanks Honey!


sherriknits said...

How sweet that you and hubby sat together to watch the movie. It was one I really wanted to see so now I will get to since it came out on dvd (didn't it?)
The shawl is beautiful.
I'm sorry about your knitting and grief, I know how comforting it is to have something productive to do, yet it is hard emotionally to pick up and knit when there is emotion like that involved.
I pray that it really brings healing to you as you knit in the near future.

Carissa said...

The butterfly is almost done! I can understand how difficult knitting has become, especially with your losses being so fresh. I hope that you can feel better about knitting soon. Please don't forget to knit for yourself too!

Wool Winder said...

I love the way the butterfly looks. I hope you can regain your enjoyment of knitting and heal from your grief.

Donna B said...

It's looking pretty...hope that knitting will bring you joy once again. Hugs.

Dorothy said...

I can't wait to see the rest of the shawl - it's going to be beautiful! I also watched "Becoming Jane" and agree with you. It was interesting, but did not for me really illuminate Jane. Of course, it was all supposition on someone's part as with all of her correspondence gone her full personality will remain a mystery. When we were in England we visited her home and also her grave in Winchester Cathedral.

Teresa said...

The butterfly is gorgeous! I am so impressed with your many talents God has bestowed on you!

I would like to watch the Jane movie too. We watched a different "Jane" movie yesterday...Jane Eyre (the newer PBS movie). We enjoyed it.