Monday, February 04, 2008

Family Resemblences

This is me, probably about 1971, about 4 years of age. I'm not sure what's in my hand - do you know Mom? My coloring is MUCH darker than my girls (or at least it used to be! LOL) I found this picture when I got a new picture of my brother for the B post. When I saw this I called the girls in and asked who it was and they weren't sure. Then I asked D and he got very excited. "I know! I know! It's J!" WRONG! It's your Mommy! :o)

I could not find a picture where the resemblence is so close, but in person, she looks just like that picture of me, only different! :o)

Here's another one. The funny thing is that A doesn't look at all like me. This is funny because the girls are "identical" or "monozygotic" twins - they split from one fertilized egg, therefore they have identical DNA. J looks more like me and A looks more like my Mom. There coloring is more like my Mom's or possibly my MIL's. She is not living so I cannot ask.

What do you think Mom?


Aunt Sally said...

They definitely look like you! At various times in our lives, my mother, sister, and I have all looked so much alike that people still mix us up. While I was away at college, I would get my picture in the paper for things I had done at college -- 2.5 hours away. People would complement my sister who was there every day ringing up their groceries. She got tired of explaining it and just started accepting the complements. She would even ask me when my picture would be in the paper again because she liked the attention.

Teresa said...

Oh, Wow! She looks a LOT like you! I'd like to see a picture of your other daughter up there, as well. :o)

Lynette said...

Looks like you are holding a egg. Was it easter time. That looks like a Easter lily behind you, above the phone.

Charlotte said...

I think you are all quite lovely. A beautiful family.