Thursday, February 07, 2008

El-Jo's Heart

Cary is such a sneaky little sheep! :-) I played with the color balance to try and get this right, but it didn't work well. You can see it more accurately at the Serenity Farms site.

This beautiful fiber came in a box along with a cute sock pattern she designed with coffee cups on it. I should have taken a picture of it too, sorry! This was all a shock when it arrived. What a nice surprise.

This lovely creation is called El-Jo's heart after her inlaws. It is a mix of Corriedale/CVM from Cary's ewe Bunny and Pygora from my friend Tina's Take Heart Farm, as well as silk from my other Christian Artisan friend, Eve at Perennial Grace. I'm not sure what I am going to make with this gift but I am thinking of spindle spinning it to make something lacy!

Life it seems has been up and down and going in fits and spurts the last several months. There has been a low level of underlying stress - nothing BIG - just lots of little things adding up. I have not been knitting other than a few dishclothes. It's not likely to lighten up as we have a lot going on this spring with Hubby doing some extra training for a possible second job and home improvement projects. But today we received our couch and love seat. This is the first new piece of furniture (other than mattresses and the kind of things you put together from a box) we have purchased since we got married. We've been without a couch for so long and the only time I get to sit next to my Hubby is in the pew at church! LOL I miss him! So now, we got the couch in place after many discussions and much moving and purging of other items as well as a sad goodbye to my old recliner - the one I nursed all my babies in and my girls learned to walk with it, by holding the handle and walking in circles - but our living room is looking more like a home. Soon I will be taking photos of finished objects on the new couch instead of the old blue chair! And I am in the process of "nesting" and building a new knitting spot and hoping to start again. I miss it!


Carissa said...

What a sweet gift! I hope that you enjoy your new couch!

Donna B said...

That is lovely stuff...she gave me a bit when we met!

Hugs for all of your little stresses....

Lee said...

That is some pretty fiber. I got a sample also, and it's already spun up. Cary is such a sweetie, and really knows how to make people feel special. Way to go on the new sofa, and loveseat. I'm so happy for you. Hope everyone is feeling better soon.