Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Wellness Wednesday #18

Good Morning Everyone! How are you all doing? Last week I asked for ideas for encouragement when you hit a plateau or you are just plain discouraged about your progress. Deborah, who really needs to start (hint! hint! In your copious amounts of spare time of course!) blogging about health because she has a lot to share, encouraged me to focus on the health benefits of what I am doing and not the number of the weight. While I want the number to go down, that was very good advice because focusing on the number can lead to unhealthy behavior. Focusing on better health will eventually lead to weight loss, plus you have the benefits of greater health!

My friend Eve gave me more great advice for when the number is what you are most earnestly working on - just lose weight one pound at a time! How simple and yet profound. If I focus on the fact that I need to lose a whole person off of me, I become overwhelmed and it would be easy to say that it was impossible! But if I just focus on losing one pound - well, nearly everyone can do that!

Well, as I expected I stepped on the scale to gain back a few pounds, but then I never do keep off weight I lose while being sick. Still my weight was 314# which is down two pounds from before I was sick. Now if I could just get this cough done and over with I could get back to walking, which really helps my metabolism. Because apparently sitting on your behind doesn't burn many calories, even though at times it feels like my coughing fits are aerobic activity! lol

Last week my Electrolux DLX mixer arrived and what a huge difference in my bread! It was really exciting. I was afraid we would spend the money and then not see any difference. After I finish typing here I am going to try another new bread recipe. We also recently purchased a pressure cooker and I have been wanting to start using that, but just haven't had the energy. The new ones are supposed to have lots of precautions and since I have years of experience autoclaving surgical instruments with old fashioned autoclaves, I'm not too intimidated. Still, I need to read the directions/manual and then get started. Anyone have any good pressure cooker recipes?

I apologize for not having very interesting health posts lately. Hopefully I'll be back up to snuff soon! :o) As always, leave a comment on your journey and I will be happy to pray for you. And I love getting your input. It's so encouraging.


Cathy said...

Hello Theresa

Please don't apologise for not writing interesting posts - I always find something of interest to read in your writings

Hope you are back to 100% very soon


~~ said...

I would love to have an Electrolux DLX mixer! How wonderful.
I love the fabulous colors of yarn in your header! Beautiful...

Lynette said...

What is a Electrolux DLX. My mom had a vaccum cleaner by Electrolux,is it the same company?

Jan said...

I just got a new pressure cooker (digital, whoda thunk it?) and the first thing I made was stew. It was delicious, of course!

I was a little intimidated since the last time I used one, in the 80's, I never did get it open again and my dinner was thrown out with the pot!

I am diabetic, so I have to rewrite many commercial recipes. I'll share any I come across!