Friday, February 01, 2008

ABC Along 2008 - B

First I must apologize to all my dial-up friends! This is a picture intensive post. This is my B post for the Knitorious ABC Along 2008.

B is for Baby, my baby. I photographed this instead of scanning. It's the first picture I ever took on our first time out alone, taken at the Beach in Blaine, Washington.

Here is my Baby, taken tonight, 9.5 years later, on his way to do an important presentation and I am just Bragging because I am so proud of him and the Godly man he has become!

B is for Bible, the most important, influential and Holy Book I have ever read! This is one of many that belonged to my Grandma Holly and has her markings and notes.

B is for Bride; here I am with Grandma Hopkins, of whom I write so often. I am carrying my bouquet.

B is for the boutinful blessings God has given me in my family. There were five in the Bed and the photo bug said, "I'm going to get my camera!" (Hubby, D, A, J)

B is for brother who is celebrating his 5th birthday. (Daniel Albin Johnson 1967-1973)

B is for boogie boy, who is a delight and a joy!

B is for Bessie Pease Gutman, one of my favorite artists.

B is for babies who were born five weeks before their due date. (A on left, J on right, photo courtesy of my Mom. Thanks Mom! It's my favorite!)

B is for twin B, whose name begins with A!

B is for Best Friend; this is Shelley photographing in Mount Vernon, Washington. (Another photo courtesy of Mom!)

B is for Uncle Bud, Charles Alexander Larimore (1918-2006). He was my Grandma Johnson's brother.

B is for Belitz or Balitz or Baylitz, the family of my great, great Grandma Hopkins who came to the United states in 1869, first to Wisconsin and then to Michigan. She traveled on a steamship with her family from Hamburg to New York and family stories recall that she helped milk cows on the ship! Seated are her parents, Henrietta "Etta" Wolf Belitz, Carl Belitz and between them is their son Frederick. Behind on the left is their daughter Louisa and on the right is my ancestress Marie/Mary Belitz Hopkins 1859-1909. Photo circa 1880.

B is for Barbie a new acquistion to our household. A on left and J on right, caught combing Barbies hair together. Behind them is the kitchen set which was my Christmas present in 1969.

B is for bear and bedtime buddies, of which J can never get enough. On the right is my Husky dog slipper wearing a purple princess dress up gown! lol

And B is for Buddy, Uncle L and Aunt K's dog, who we had fun visiting at Christmas.

B is for bubbles, which are lots of fun. Here Hubby has A on his lap, J in pink and D in background at Goat Rock Beach.

B is for bonding and spending time together. Here D watches Daddy sketch at the beach.

B is for bicycle; this is A's first, a gift from Grandma and Grandpa Johnson.

And B is for the beach where we escape the heat and smog!

B is for all the beauty God created to bless us. This is the California side of Lake Tahoe.

B is for branches as trees are one of my favorite things to photograph and see in art.

B is for bees who pollinate our flowers and plants and give us honey!

B is for blossoms and lady bugs. This is my Gemini rose, one of my favorites.

B is for Big Trees State Park, the largest grove of Sequoia redwoods alive in the world. They are an awesome sight to behold!

B is for butterfly, this one is a Swallowtail with bold coloring and bright pink flowers.

B is for bear crossing sign at Lake Tahoe.

And B is for bear; this is Yosemite proof that they really do cross the road - sometimes right where the sign says they do!

B is for bonnets at the Civil War re-enactment on the California Coast.

B is for books of which we have plenty, and our new bookcase, as well as the 18 bankers boxes covered and making a base for this bookcase and the photo boxes above. (When you live in a small place, you have to get creative with storage!)

B is for binder, for which I wrote a long post on Wellness Wednesday a couple weeks ago. This is my binder for the kitchen.

B is for banana bread, which is a family favorite from my Aunt Grace's recipe.

B is for beets in our Vita-Mix blender, waiting to go in our...

Bread! (Beet/Wheat/Spelt bread - recipe on my My Journey To Wholeness blog, link is at right)

B is for blue faced leicester wool which I like to spin and the old blue chair where I sit to knit!

B is for bead stitch marker which I attempted to make!

B is for Scottish black faced sheep and this is a photo I took near Loch Goilhead in Scotland.

B is for bagpipe, a Scottish tradition. This gentleman was found playing in Edinburgh.

And B is for blog, one of the best B's of all!!!

Bible Gateway

Bead Markers


Blogging Basics 101

Blurb (I haven't tried this but it looks like fun!)

Blue Kitty Designs

Bee Fields Shawl KAL

Bassett Knitter

Baxter Knits

Big Crafty (Plus Size resources)

Black Bunny is Knitting

Blue Letter Bible

Bolt Fabric Boutique

Bread and Sourdough

Bread For Life

The Bread Beckers


Carissa said...

What great pictures! Thanks for sharing!

Amy said...

What fun! I'd love to read this book to my kids!

Teresa said...

What great pictures!

Hubby and I would love to see the Sequoia Redwood trees someday!

Please email me and let me know how your hubby's presentation went, and if you've tried your hard white wheat!

Cathy said...

Hello Theresa

Beaut post today - loved all the pictures

Take care

Theresa said...

Thank you - reading this was a great end to my day!

H.N. Eisley said...

I love these posts!

Donna B said...

How do you find so many links? You boggle my mind! Loved the post.
The Yearbook for the Homekeeper is a kind of planner. Has a week on a page calandars, shopping lists, menu plans, to do lists, a section for devotions/bible study, address book, etc. Also pretty vintage pictures, nice bible verses and quotes. It is perfect for me since I dislike 3 ring binders and is pretty which somehow seems to be a necessity for me! Though it does come in a three ring version. I really enjoyed your entry on planners!

Susan K. in California said...

This was a joy to read through. Thanks for taking the time to make such a thoughtful collection of photos and descriptions. I wanted to make sure to reply to your question. I live near Los Angeles, and I sure wish I lived where you do. I prefer Northern California because it's so much prettier and cooler. You are a lucky lady!

Wool Winder said...

Enjoyed your photos! Good thing I have high speed :)