Thursday, August 30, 2007

Lake Tahoe Revisited

Our first view of the lake in the city of South Lake Tahoe. Can you see that beautiful color?! It ws in stripes across the lake in varying hues of blue and green and just gorgeous throughout the day.

Here you can see stripes of color and a parasailer. There are many water sports enthusiasts here, which kind of detracts from some of the wild beauty. I wish that someone had bought up this land 150 years ago and turned it over to the government for a national park so that it could be less populated.

Here you can againsee the three stripes of color as well as one of the paddle wheel tour boats. Lake Tahoe is the second deepest lake in North America.

There were a lot of Canada Geese at the city park...and lots of geese droppings too!

Another view of the parasailer. The hills behind are Nevada. The photo is taken in California.

A stand of pine trees at the city park with the beautiful lake colors showing through.

Mr. D. at the lake overlook viewing center. He was not too thrilled about going in the car again, but at the end of the day, he decided he had fun!

This is a photo my Hubby took of me with the lake in the background.

And here are the Three Musketeers... A, D and J. Again, if they all three looked at the camera at once, I think I'd pass out from shock! LOL

Looking down into Emerald Bay

Looking behind us. I thought I would show you that it is not just a lush, green area. It is dry, hot and arid and it is not far on the other side of the lake where you can find high desert in Nevada.

Looking down to Fannette Island in Emerald Bay. Isn't that color amazing?

There were tons of chipmunks, squirrels and Stellar Jays ready to grab any crumb that was dropped!

Emerald Bay entrance
Emerald Bay

This gorgeous shot was taken by my Hubby who has been learning a lot about photography. It is so fun to be friends with my Hubby and share some things like this together.

Emerald Bay

After taking pictures at the overlooks we decided to go to D.L. Bliss State Park. It was a good choice because it was more secluded, just what we were looking for. There was a short but steep trail leading down to the beach and these were the views.

More incredible water color!

Hubby, J and D on the trail looking at an old fallen tree.

Looking East towards Nevada from the trail to the beach.

Looking south from where we sat in the sand...what a lovely view!!!

Looking straight ahead from where we sat. We stayed many hours enjoying our afternoon.

D, me, A and J, playing in the water. The water is really cold, think mountain cold! But, it was clear and beautiful. I really wish I had brought something to swim in!

A, Hubby, D, and J, waving to Grammy and Grampa through the camera!



J delighted in getting wet, especially her hair. She takes after her Mama when it comes to water! :o)

I bought this hematite and silver beaded necklace from some Navajo Indian men who were selling their jewelry at the overlook.

A, D, Hubby and J (behind Hubby), building a castle by the shore.

A happy knitter, working on a sock, wearing a dopey hat so she won't burn to a crisp.

My Fat Piggies

A's Little Toes

J's Toes

A greedy seagull

Swallowing a Ritz, whole! Yikes!

Watching for more!

Landing for a catch!

Hubby's Piggies (D didn't sit still for his feet shot!)

D Playing in the sand.

Waves caused by boats.

They fought like cats and dogs all day but then had cute moments like this together. A had to keep pulling up her pants all day because they were too big and the water made it worse! J in red, A in pink.

These pictures show D doing his crazy, silly, happy dance!

J, excited to bring me a big rock...fortunately she did not drop it on my foot or body! LOL

Saying goodbye as we reluctantly headed back up the trail.

First hint of sunset.

Emerald Bay

Emerald Bay

Looking Through The Trees.

This shot reminds me of many scenes looking out over the Puget Sound in Washington State as I was growing up.

Sky and Trees.

Looking back from the Lake.

It was a long, beautiful day at Lake Tahoe with special memories made. We drove home by the light of the silvery moon and the next day we were exhausted! :o)


Melissa said...

What lovely photos. Looks like a wonderful day!

HawaiianGirl said...

Lovely photos. DH and I used to spend a week in October at the lake (South Shore) every year. I miss seeing all the aspen trees. We stayed at a house right on the lake above Regan Beach...

Good memories, thanks to your photos! God's creation is fabulous.

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