Friday, August 17, 2007

My One True Love...

These pictures show my hubby, about first grade with his Mom. Isn't he cute, nerdy glasses and all? Well, he makes me swoon and that's what counts! :o) We have very few pictures of him growing up. One as an infant, four or five as a toddler, a few grade school pictures and that's about it. Growing up wasn't easy in his family, but I know God had His hand on my hubby's life, protecting him and drawing him closer to Him as the years went on. I'm so glad that He also chose to bring us together because I can't imagine life without my One True Love!

These pictures came from my SIL, with whom I spent a lovely day. We went to Beverly's (a craft and fabric store) and to a yarn store called Filati. It was one of the largest yarn stores I have ever been in and I think that I would like to go back alone some time so that I could look without time constraints at some of the books and other items. Much of the yarn was priced higher than I can find it at my local store Babetta's but it was fun to see a lot of different things that I read about and then wonder what it looks or feels like. Surprisingly they had very few sock yarns, mostly Regia and some Panda cotton. They did not have the right size of Addi lace needles I wanted so I just bought the Fall Interweave Knits...which I might add, has a lot of interesting things in it.

Well, tomorrow I hope to get my Ravelry I'm number 21!


sherriknits said...

I loved that tribute to your hubby. I have my one true love, too....I call him the love of my life. :) God is good.

Sometimes the addi lace needles can be tough to get, mine were on backorder for awhile and then when they got stock in, I got way too many because I forgot I had ordered them once or twice. haha

Denise said...

Oh my gosh, what a cutie. And his mom is just gorgeous.