Monday, August 06, 2007

Apple Hill Gang

Today the weather in northern California was shocking! First, Saturday was forecasted to be a high of 91* and ended up being close to 105*! Today it is in the mid 70s...something we don't see in August, unless it's the middle of the night! LOL As a matter of fact it looked like there might have been a light rain last night and the valley was covered with a layer of clouds that looked like they would rain, but didn't. So, we decided to go up to Apple Hill which is near 3000 foot elevation and sure enough we drove out of the gray and "the bluey blues came back!" as daughter J cheerfully shouts! :o)

At the first stop I found a black olive tree to display my Socks That Rock sock in Blue Azurite. My hubby is going to shake his head, but I think I'm going to frog it! He has been making fun of me because the last sock, which I just finished had been frogged innumerable times. But it has to fit right and it is for a special person. This sock is for me and I have squared off toes. I this this will be too pointy and always bother me, so I am going to frog and start over with more stitches at the beginning.

Anyway, the grapes in the vineyards are ripening and looked pretty. This was at Boeger Winery.

D, A and J with Grandma at the Boa Vista Orchards store where we stopped for the traditional apple donuts and bought some fresh produce.

A stack of old apple bins caught my eye, especially the Jack Frost.

One of the Christmas tree farms had a lovely garden and this is one of the red Canna Lillies.

Another beautiful red Canna Lily.

I was disappointed that almost all the lavender was gone. I didn't have my good lens last time. But I did capture this bee.

Hollyhocks are one of my favorites of the old fashioned flowers.

They had them in several shades of pink.

After Apple Hill we split up and had lunch. Hubby, Grandpa and the kids went to a park to play and Mom and I went to get some groceries. The kids, who never, ever, ever nap, must be worn out, because all three are sleeping! :o)


Carissa said...

What great pictures. It is obvious that the kids are enjoying having grandma and grandpa around! I really like the colors of your sock. For my sock toes (I use the same formula for both toe up and top down, but in reverse!) here is my formula: total number of sts - number of cast on sts = x, x/4 = total increase rounds. I cast on using the figure 8 cast on and usually start with 16 or 20 sts. Then I increase every round until I have increase half of my total increase rounds, and then every other round until I reach my total number of sts. I hope that makes sense! I've used it so much that I may be making it harder than it is. It works for my wide feet!

Lynette said...

Just got back from Sebastopol where it was sweater weather. At least for me, except I didn't bring one. It was overcast & cool on Sunday. Burned off in the afternoon, then some high fog rolled in. It was 66 degress when we left. Not bad here though.
Lovely, lovely pictures. I want a camera like yours.