Tuesday, August 14, 2007

No Cows Allowed in the House!

Today was our second day of first grade and D was having a lot of fun. But at times he can really dilly dally and is always the last at the table for meals. I don't generally push him in school, but go at his comfortable pace, but today it was SLOW for awhile. Not because he couldn't do the work but because he enjoyed being slow.

I said, "Let's move it along buddy or we will be here until the cows come home!" (Naturally he hasn't an inkling of what this means! LOL)

D puckers his lips and (in a voice not unlike Old Mrs. Harris in Anne of Avonlea after reading Abraham Pringle's diaries stating that her husband was a cannibal, when she said, "My husband never 'et' anybody!"):

"There will be no cows tonight! We do not allow cows in our house!"

I laughed until I cried. It was not so much what he said but how he said it.

My first STR in the Azure Malachite is almost done. I might have pictures soon. We have a lot going on during this week. Tomorrow a women's Bible study I am coordinating will be starting up at my church and I am looking forward to that. So are the kids because it means they can play with their friends! :o)

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sherriknits said...

Having homeschooled boys, I tell you, it's funny how they don't get too concerned about how long anything takes. :) That's cute about the cows. My hubby used to tease our daughter when he'd see cows on a hillside near our house, he'd say "look at all those dogs!" She would say..."Those. are. not. dogs. those. are. cows.!" It was hilarious how her voice sounded, so matter of fact.