Friday, August 03, 2007

Spinning Away at This and That

Well, inbetween everything else that has been going on, I have been doing some more spindling. This is some more of Cary's wool from a ewe named Valerie. I wish I had a lovely yard to take pictures in. I don't so I try to take them on a neutral background, but it's hard to get it just right. I am going to have to do some experimenting with that. At any rate, the yarn is a lace weight currently so I am suspecting a fingering weight when plied. I am considering doing all spindle spinning for the Sheep Shawl from Fiber Trends. We'll see how I do with it. I might get sick of spindle spinning by the time I get the needed yardage!

And I am very excited to have finished a really small project which is long over due and I cannot blog about until the recipient receives it!

Currently we are waiting to hear that Mom and Jack got a rental van. The company allowed the van they had reserved to stay with the people who had rented it during the week. Now they are ready to pack and get in the car tonight to arrive here tomorrow afternoon...and there is no van to pack! :o( Hopefully we will get good news soon because we are all excited to see Grandma and Grandpa tomorrow! (They could come without a van but they are bringing some special surprises with them, that would be difficult to bring in a car.)

In other fibery news, it was fun to find out today that the theme for the MS3 is Swan Lake! Now that I have seen the schematic for finishing it, I have some decisions to make. I'm not sure how practical the shape will be for the person I am making it for, however, I have never grafted lace and I loathe doing Kitchener stitch even on socks! So, I need to think on this a little bit and will probably put it aside until after our family leaves.

At least the weather is cooperating and it should cool down to 90* over the next few days. That is a real treat! :o)


Ann said...


I found your blog from Christian Artist on Yahoo! I live in CA also - I'm on Edwards AFB. I see now that you're in Northern CA - did I talk to you previously?? Maybe with the German KAL?

Anyway, I'll be adding your blog to my newly birthed blog so I can read some inspirational inspiration :)

Happy Weekend! ~Ann

Ann said...

OK - now that I've taken a moment to peruse your blog...GREAT links! I look forward to visiting again soon so I can also partake...(I'm a Christian wife/pseudo homemaker/pseudo homeschooler/looking for great fellowship/also love KLove/and I'm sure there's more) Thanks!