Tuesday, May 01, 2007

May Day

Daniel Albin Johnson 12/4/1972
Theresa Easter 1971
Thirty four years ago today my life changed forever. I don't dwell on the pain or the grief, but I will never forget the loss of my first best friend, my brother Danny. So twice a year, his birthday and his Homecoming day I post about him. There are probably only two people on earth, my Mom and me, possibly my Uncle Jerry, who ever really think about him. When I get to Heaven, besides seeing Jesus...he really is the first person from my life on earth I want to see! He made all of our lives so happy and I love this picture because it really shows that bubbly and sparkly enthusiasm he always had. :o)
The other picture is me. I would have been about 4 10/12 years old. My daughters are 4 1/12 years old. I posted this for my Mom. My daughter J is so like me in appearance and yet different. The shape of the girls' heads and their lips and chin come from their Daddy. Their coloring comes more from my Mom. So, if you lightened the hair and eyes...this would be J. She has the same smile, same body shape and mannerism and the same hair cut! I showed the picture to J and said, "Who's this?" She thought a moment and then said, "Me!" LOL What do you think Mom?
Proof that it's me and not J...rotary dial phone in background! :o)


Carissa said...

What great pictures! Daniel reminds me of the personality that I see in your son.

Melissa said...

As hard as is it was/is on you for losing a brother so young, I imagine it's so much harder as a mom. Everytime I see a news story about a missing or killed little boy, I instantly tear up. God sure gave us a huge achilles heel when we became moms.