Saturday, May 05, 2007


Oh boy, what a week. I don't know if we have all survived or not. The pictures only tell one miniscule moment in a week of stress, disasters, near disasters, disappointments and illness. When we finally found out we were having two girls with the ultrasound two weeks before they were born, I thought, "Oh Good! I don't know if I could survive 'my three sons'!" LOL Famous last two girls are often like four little boys. Now I understand why other Moms I have known who have large families say that boys are much easier! :o)

The pictures are deceptive. One one side of her face the hair goes down to her chin and on the other it barely reaches her ear! And since her head is tipped you cannot see how high up on her forehead the cut is, so it is obvious that J cut her bangs. And the most sad is that in the back where her hair goes down to her waist...a couple clumps about 6 inches long were cut off...hopefully they will blend in. I was too tired to try anything tonight. We are all tired and not feeling well. Best to face it tomorrow!

I hope next week improves! LOL

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