Monday, May 28, 2007

Big Trees Trip With Aunt Grace

My Aunt Grace came to visit on the train. She is my mom's older sister and she is the one who taught me the most about photography and how to "see" and compose. She has had an interesting life, teaching art-mainly oil painting, and traveling around the world. While she was here I borrowed my friends' slide scanner and I have been scanning many of her slides from her travels. With her permission I will be sharing some of her sheepy shots here on the blog in the future.

I wanted to take her some place she had not been before and see a little bit of our countryside, so I took her to Big Trees State Park which has the largest groves of Sequoia trees left in the world. They are found only on the western slope of the Sierra Mountains and are unbelievabl...the pictures really don't show how awesome they are. The coastal redwoods are the tall trees, but the Sequoias are the largest living thing on earth, they are shorter but just huge around. I think the oldest tree in the park is around a thousand years old. It is almost magical walking through the forest. It is a place where I feel God's presence with me as I walk along and I definitely gave my new camera a workout! LOL I have had to experiment with getting the pics small enough to post on a regular basis. So I have made them smaller than usual but hopefully you will get the idea.

The photo above is A and J ready to go. It is one of the cutest pics we have had of the two of them recently. We don't usually dress them alike...but it is easier to tell them apart ever since J gave herself her own haircut! LOL


sherriknits said...

I really enjoyed my visit here! Your pictures are beautiful and that's just awesome that you have someone to teach you how. My son is going to help me out since I got a new camera today. :)

prairiemom said...

Theresa, I went ahead an opened an account, so I can comment on your blog.
I got your check today. Thanks very much. I'm glad you like the ornament. They are sure fun to make.
I will be glad to share to the crescent rolls recipe. They are easy and delicious. (tomorrow maybe!)
I too have been grinding wheat for about a year now and I just love it.
Thanks for the info about Montana wheat. I had no idea what great wheat we have!
I also like to use locally grown golden flax in my breads. It really increases the fiber.
I will continue to blog regularly even after we lose internet service. It is too much fun to stop. I'm very blessed to hear that you enjoy my blog.
Pretty soon Maria will get a laptop for college. Then I can borrow it and park in front of the library and use the wireless service.
When I saw your girls' picture and noticed one has very short bangs, I wondered if it was a do it yourself project....
Better run. Jonathan has his heart set on climbing a tree and I should be there to give him a boost.

Prayerful Knitter - Shelly said...

Thanks for sharing all these beautiful pictures of a grand time!

sherriknits said...

Thanks for visiting me...I added you to my bloglines so I'll know when you blog. :)

Lynette said...

Only you could take such lovely pictures of the oleanders which are all over the place.

go to my blog to see upcoming CNC park days & movie nites.

susan said...

Beautiful picture of beautiful girls! Their smiling faces are precious.

How special to have a relationship with your aunt. I never really knew my aunts.

I look forward to seeing your aunt's pictures. And maybe some of the stories behind them?

I love visitng your blog, Theresa, I feel so refreshed by the time I have to leave.