Thursday, May 10, 2007

A Blast From The Past

So, what do these pictures have to do with knitting? Not a whole lot! LOL But I had to scan something and these pics were next to the scanner waiting to be scanned, so you are the lucky recipients!

Actually in the first is Mother's Day, 25 years ago! (No I wasn't a pilgrim at Thanksgiving...see, I'm eating spaghetti!) I'll have you know that I made that dress myself and it was very stylin' at the time. It was navy blue with white polka dots and white collar, cuffs, trim etc. And, I'll also have you know I worked VERY hard to get my hair to look like that! LOL My hair was very bushy, thick and wavy...a legacy from my Tisdale roots. I HATED it then, but now that health problems have taken away most of my hair I wish I had it back! The feathers at the bangs and sides were created by a Conair curling iron that many of you my age probably was orange and you pulled the wand out and it plugged directly into the wall (no cord, just a plug). I could not go anywhere without that curling iron to tame my mane! Check out the glasses too. Pretty hilarious.

The second picture is truly a blast from the past...Christmas 1976. If you look at my face you can see that it was white, pasty and a little puffy. I had been very ill with a pneumonia like illness that almost had me in the hospital and that is when my allergies began, starting with that Christmas tree behind me. The pug I am holding was my pug "Tuffy" (obviously I was 8 when I named him). We had him from 1974-1884. Noone had pugs back then. When my stepdad brought him home from his work, my Mom and I thought he was INSANE...what was that UGLY creature! LOL But anyone who has been owned by a pug knows...they have quite the personality and it didn't take long for him to win us all over!

Happy Mother's Day Ladies! Hopefully I will have some knitting soon. I have been dealing with a migraine and am also getting ready for my Aunt to visit next knitting happening here!

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Holly said...

Hee hee! You have more courage than I do :~) I have some zingers-like from the days when my mom permed my hair...